Lost Links

I was busy last week and didn’t share any, but here are a few to get you excited about tonight. There won’t be an episode next Thursday, and the Finale is May 29th.

Recap/Summary of Last week: Cabin Fever

Jeff Jensen gives you more to think about. He loved Cabin Fever

17 Enduring Mysteries on Lost

Video clip of Evangeline Lily on Kimmel. Has an awesome clip of either tonights ep or from finale at the end. Worth waiting through Kimmel’s flirting, her eating a sub, the good Christian girl talking about how “loaded” she got at the party and dropping an F-bomb. I am sure Jesus is real proud.


3 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. Brian

    yeah, i am not intentionally fasting, and nothing is wrong, not any busier than usual.

    just haven’t had anything to share.

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