The Conundrum of Comfort

This was posted on the old site but got eaten. It was originally written for our church bulletin.  It is simply another perspective on the problem of pain:

Why, God? WHY?!?!

Why do you allow so much comfort and ease in this world and in our lives? It doesn’t make any sense. Lord, you are so above and beyond our understanding. It is hard to fathom why some things happen and others don’t. Help us as we try to make sense of you Will. No, help us to accept your Will whether we understand or not.

We are sinful and pathetic, yet so blessed. The best of us who go to church are wicked. Our righteousness is filthy rags, you have said. No one is good. Why do you not act? Where is your wrath? Where is our punishment? Why is life so easy? Why do we have homes and cars and computers? Why have you blessed us with family and friends? Why do we have so much money? Why, Lord, is there so much comfort and ease in this world? We don’t even have to work that hard to get it, at least not as much as most people in the history of the world have worked for so much less.

Why have you given us moments of peace and silence? It is everywhere. Where are you? Why aren’t we receiving what we deserve? It just doesn’t make sense. Especially when we see how many fall away and leave you because of all the comfort in this world, we can’t understand it. Why do you allow something that causes us to be lazy? Why do you permit such wealth and blessing? Every day souls turn from you because of the comfort and ease in their lives. They turn away because of all the free time we have, all of the toys we have, all of the choice we have.

Lord, never mind all those who question the evil and suffering around us. Why do you love us so? Why is there so much good? Why do we have it so easy? Where is the punishment we so deserve? WHY??


3 thoughts on “The Conundrum of Comfort

  1. That’s really good. I’ve noticed how rarely we say “Why me?” when something goes right.

    And I’m glad you tagged this as “blessins”; We need more southern talk in New Jersey.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Brian

    i heard a woman talking on a radio program one night who had lost her sight as an adult, lost her husband to sinus cancer, and her reply was, “Why not me?”
    that really impressed me

    i noticed that typo after I posted, but didn’t do anything about it.

    i almost choked on my almonds when I notice that someone came to my site with this search, “tim archer gay”

  3. That’s great, Brian. I’m happy to admit that there have been plenty of times I did ask “What did I do to deserve so many blessings, Lord?” If I ever experience much pain and tragedy, I’ll come back and let you know if I questioned that as well. My guess is, since we’ll never fully understand the big picture as God sees it, we’ll always question what He gives us.

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