Lost Season 4 Finale!!!!!

If you recall, last year’s season finale was a jaw-dropping shocker. When Kate appeared out of the shadows and we collectively realized that it was the FUTURE and not the past, everything changed. Cool!

Tonight is promising similar shakeups. It should be great. We see exactly how and why those six, the Oceanic 6, make it off while others don’t. I think we will also learn who was in that casket in last year’s finale.

Don’t forget, there will be three hours of Lost tonight. First, the replay of the last episode, then the 2-hour part 2 of the finale. WOW!!

15 Great Moments from this Season

Interview with Evangeline Lilly.

Who’s in the casket?

Interview with Keamy


4 thoughts on “Lost Season 4 Finale!!!!!

  1. vero

    does anyone know if abc is going to replay the season finale anytime soon? i know i can check it out online, but i really wanted to see it on our TV. 🙂

  2. Brian

    vero, i haven’t heard anything

    but i do remember that last year, they didn’t show reruns during the offseason, and I couldn’t figure out why not.

    i would rewatch a lot of them

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