Father’s Day, Killer Tomatos, and the Incredible Hulk

Father’s Day

Sam made this for me in Pre-K last week. I wore it Sunday. It is a Tie-Pin made from a real nickel with a pin and clasp glued to the back. The card was made by a teacher but he did sign it.


Eva was up from 1 til 2 a.m. this morning. I have a vague recollection. Marisa went and slept in her bed for awhile. Before going to bed, she couldn’t find her “kiki”, the pink kitty cat that cousin Brittany/Aunt Paula got for her a year ago. She always sleeps with it except the week we forgot it when visiting Big Daddy and Grandmommy in PA. That was scary. Marisa felt guilty. Eva survived.

Today, we found Kiki in the oven of Eva’s play kitchen. I hope she wasn’t going all Sylvia Plath on us.


BigDonald’s, BK, and Attack of the Killer Tomatos

Today was Sam’s last day of pre-K for a couple of weeks and his substitute bus driver got lost and was 30 minutes late, and Sam also had his last swim class after lunch so it was a good day to eat lunch out. Last week we told the kids that they could choose a place to eat out this week. Of course, they wanted BigDonald’s (that’s what they call McDs). We chose the one without a playland, but it is across the street from the BK that has a playland. So, guess where we ate lunch.

I had the steakhouse burger with a (GASP!) tomato. Pray for me. I forgot about all the problems. Was okay but not a great burger. My top five still doesn’t and probably won’t include a fast food place.

My Top Five Burgers (I am not sure of the exact order yet)

  1. Jack Daniel’s Burger at TGI Fridays. (I shall repent and go forward Sunday)
  2. Bruschetta Burger at Applebee’s
  3. Cowboy Burger at Applebee’s
  4. Five Guys Burger and Fries
  5. Calvert City Drive-In


Swim Class

At Sam’s final swim class, parents were allowed to watch. He was a total goofball! I was a little embarassed but mostly amused. He bounced on one leg, hit a little girl on the head with his body board, cackled and wouldn’t do what the teacher said. He rarely did what he was supposed to be doing, and the one time he was actually trying and succeeding, he started yelling, “I did it, I did it!” Very mischievous. The instructor told us that he has followed instructions well during the other classes, and that the kids usually act up when the parents are there. Only thing, I didn’t notice any other kids acting so goofy.

You can see some fotos HERE.

The place where Sam went and may go back in the Fall is in Berkeley Heights and the are a couple of Olympic Medal winners who grew up training there.


Incredible Hulk

Better than I thought. I was at the aforementioned Calvert City Drive-In during a terrible storm with lightning to watch Ang Lee’s forgettable version. This was definitely better (not that that is anything to brag about). I was drawn into the characters. I kept thinking Liv Tyler was Jennifer Garner, though. Is that the same Liv from Lord of Rings and other stuff? Don’t get me wrong, she is still an attractive young lady, just looks real different that the girl from Armaggedon.

The special effects for fun. William Hurt and Ed Norton were good. Very “credible.” Some humorous poking-fun-at-self was great, such as Banner misspeaking in Portuguese and telling a guy, “don’t make me hungry, you wouldn’t like me when I am hungry” plus the Lou Ferrigno cameo.


Time has listed their Top 50 Websites. I haven’t finished the list but some interesting stuff so far.


I got a paper cut on my top lip while licking envelopes today, working on sending out the bulletin to the absent. I know the Apostle Paul suffered a lot for the Kingdom, but….man, paper cuts HURT!!


11 thoughts on “Father’s Day, Killer Tomatos, and the Incredible Hulk

  1. I can’t wait to see the Incredible Hulk.
    The only thing is that it is too scary for my boys.
    It is like they are making comic movies for us now.
    Batman is dark…Way to much for my boys.

  2. Brian

    yeah, but some goofy family had a toddler in to see hulk,

    that made me angry, and you wouldn’t like me when i am angry….

  3. hahah You crack me up!

    I can’t believe that Sam acted that way. My children would never…:) Atleast we know he’s going to grow up and be just like us.

    I get so mad when people bring kids to PG-13 and even R even though we don’t run many of R rated movies. What is wrong with these people? I could go on and on…..

    Looking forward to Hulk. Rent P.S. I love you and watch it with M. It’s a good chic flick. I cried through the whole thing then took a 5 hour nap. These long days and nights are catching up with me.

  4. wjcsydney

    Brian, do the envelopes with sticky tape! Do you have the Bulletin online? I guess there are still some people out there who aren’t online yet…

  5. My son has a black cat he goes spastic about if he doesn’t have it. Well, he may be beginning to outgrow it a little. It’s quite a traveler. It went with him to Brazil a couple of years ago. Imagine the month my wife would have had there if she’d forgotten it.

    Regarding the papercut, I can only say you’re quite a martyr. You and Polycarp.


  6. Uh, I think the plural of tomato is “tomatoes.” Just sayin’.

    We ate at Five Guys for Father’s Day. Good stuff, but the cajun fries made my husband smelly. 🙂

  7. Hey Lil’ Bro.
    did the toe~ma~toes get ya?
    oh and are ya going to get the $200 burger, that Burger King has now 🙂

  8. Brian

    you may be the only person who got that. it is kinda obscure.
    I’m disappointed the DP didn’t actually spew out, but I guess that is better for your comp

    and I asked Marisa if Steve S. had told her to keeping buying Dr. P–because as long as it is in the house, I will drink it, but I don’t need the sugar.

  9. Brian

    no need to go all dan quayle on us.
    glad you ate at 5 guys. i tried the cajun fries once, but prefer the plain ones. they are yummy

    I had tomatoes again tonight, without thinking.
    had a great italian antipasto with prosciutto, provolone rolled up together, fresh mozz and tomatos, basil, and olives, with oil on top. it was great!

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