Weekend Reading

This will be a special Boston Celtics NBA Champions edition of Weekend Readings with a couple of other things thrown in.

Happy, Proud, Excited about the Big Win by PP, KG, Ray Ray, and the gang.  What a team!  What toughness!

Bill Simmons (the Sports Guy) has been one of my favorite columnists for a few years.  He is often irreverent, but knows pop culture, sports, and is a Boston fan.  I actually had a dream the other night about running into him and spending a day with him while on vacation.  Creepy.  His thoughts about the championship are cool.

ESPN’s Daily Dime

Scoop Jackson on KG

Marc Stein at ESPN

Vindication for Doc Rivers

Redemption for Paul Pierce

Fotos from the celebration

Randy Hill on Phil Jackson’s contribution to the Celtics win


One non-basketball link and it is frightening.  High school girls making a pact to get pregnant and raise their kids together.  Sad?  Sick?  Demented?  The reason should make us cry.

Empathy Deficit Disorder?  Is this a SNL skit?  Nope, it’s common, even in our churches, right?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. [Disclaimer: I am a Spurs fan.]

    Personally, I was irritated by all of the attention this series got. If history is all that matters in sports, let’s just set it up to where the Red Sox and Yankees can play in the World Series and the Packers and Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

    From what I can tell, there was nothing about the play on the court that made this series better than the Spurs-Pistons series of a few years ago, yet the whole nation seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when those two teams lost in the conference finals.

    Don’t mean to rain on the parade of the Celtics. They deserved it, and the Lakers didn’t (the Gasol trade was a travesty), so justice was served. I’m just tired of people dissing the Spurs.

    OK, rant over.


  2. Brian

    no prob, tim, I agree. I enjoyed spurs/pistons and don’t understand the grumblings.

    from a celtic fan standpoint, there is no one we would rather beat that LA. for the media, it’s just makes their job easier, cliches and all. they don’t have to think or come up with stories.

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