Meals in the Bible at Which I Wish I Could Have Been

If you know a simpler way of making a grammatically accurate sentence and saying the same thing let me know.  These meals aren’t necessarily great or interesting because of the food itself, but more because of the peculiar settings.

  • Breakfast on the Beach with Jesus–John 21
  • Eating with Elijah when the Ravens delivered meat and bread twice a day–1 Kings 17
  • Daniel and the gang when they refused to eat what God didn’t allow–Daniel 1
  • Manna and Quail

What would you add?  And the Last Supper was too obvious to include here and is not allowed as an answer.


17 thoughts on “Meals in the Bible at Which I Wish I Could Have Been

  1. I would have like to been with Daniel when the hand started writing as well. Plus that first meal after getting off the Ark.

  2. wjcsydney

    The tasting of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden

    The wedding at Cana

  3. Clark Bunch

    The breakfast on the beach cooked by Jesus; you know he cooked fish for breakfast right? So the answer to the question “What would Jesus do” is have a fish fry! That’s good news in any Baptist church.

  4. Clark Bunch

    By the way, I think the greatest meal described in the Bible hasn’t taken place yet; it’s got to be the marriage feast that takes place when Christ is united with his bride the church. And WE WILL be at that one.

  5. I am thinking that I wouldn’t care what the food is, but just hanging with Bible people….Cool. That would be as long as I knew it would be a Bible story. Otherwise, some of those selections wouldn’t be high on my list. I would love to try manna! My mom made her impression of manna for VBS when I was a kid one time. It was good, it wasn’t directly from God, but almost cause she seems alot like Him!

  6. Exodus 24:9-11 would top it for me.

    Though don’t you think that meal in Acts 20 must have been interesting: “Man, Eutychus, you were like dead, man. Bet you don’t sit in the window again. Hey, are you going to eat that?”

  7. Brian

    amen to fish fries
    amen to that great banquet

    is this a biblical example of late-night eating? if it is, I am pretty good at it

  8. i was thinking more of munching and snacking but yeah, whenever we ate with italian friends, it usually began after noon and lasted awhile.

  9. Jeanne M.

    Watching the loaves and fish being divided, and having all I wanted to eat – yet there was more.

  10. Jenny

    Regarding the meals the ravens fed Elijah: Umm, where do you suppose the ravens got that stuff? Are we talking pieces of road kill? or stale bread that’s been up in the nest for a few weeks? Was the meat raw? I think I’ll pass on those meals!! But I’m sure the widow of Zarapheth made a mean unleavened bread!! lol

  11. Brian

    jenny, i thought about that and some of us talked about it after i preached on it recently

    obviously it wasn’t buckets of KFC
    i am curious about whether the meat and bread was already cooked, was the bread still warm, did God make it, or did birds bring live or dead animals, prepared,
    maybe this was the first instance of fast food

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