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I am offended by this headline over at ESPN.com:
Gay qualifies for Olympics with wind-aided 9.68
Is his sexual orientation really relevant to track and field events?


I know Obama is a superstar and the Messiah and all, but I don’t know if I can vote for someone who stole his campaign slogan from this guy.


It can be frustrating enough when your 4 year old enters the “WHY?” zone.  But when said 4-year-old has a little sister who is 2.5 years old and does everything he does, and says everything he says, it is unbearable.  Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?  AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhffgghgggg!


Thursday night, I will be at Yankee Stadium for the Red Sox/Yankees game!!  Can’t wait.


This wasn’t so scary because he was small and on the other side of the glass window..


The kids playing on Saturday…..


Going to Bible Camp next week.  Me and 150 middle kiddles.  Pray for staff and campers.  It’s not a vacation but it is fun.  Great people.  Good food.  Good times in the Lord.


19 thoughts on “Just Some Stuff

  1. quote “I am offended by this headline over at ESPN.com:
    Gay qualifies for Olympics with wind-aided 9.68
    Is his sexual orientation really relevant to track and field events?”

    …..u know thats his last name right?

    i have an odd feeling you were going for a joke and i mightve missed it…

  2. Oh, you would flip out … my husband and kids are collecting bugs this summer … and saving them … pinned to a piece of styrofoam. We have one of those spiders. I think it’s a skinny-legged wolf spider? Something like that (probably not skinny-legged, maybe thin-leg or similar).

    Actually, maybe you’re all right with bugs when they’re dead. Every once in a while the bug collection comes up from the basement so they can add another bug … it sits on the kitchen counter until I say, “get this thing out of here while I’m making lunch!!!”

    Have fun at camp!! I am hoping that we’ll get up there for camp when the kids are all camper-age. Or at least maybe next year when we can send the older two together.

  3. Brian

    yep, john, i knew.
    what’s funny is the flap at a christian news site that has a PC checker (like spell-checker) that automatically changed the guy’s last name to “homosexual” and no one caught it.

    aren’t wolf spiders dangerous??

  4. Brian

    Thanks Tim Archer, for this…

    Christian News Site Calls Sprinter Tyson Gay ‘Tyson Homosexual’

    It’s going to be an embarrassing day at the office for people who get their news from the Christian web site One News Now. The water cooler conversation about sports is going to get awkward when they say, “Did you see the record set by Tyson Homosexual?”

    Yes, One News Now, which describes itself as providing “your latest news from a Christian perspective,” calls the Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay “Tyson Homosexual.”

    Jim Buzinski of Outsports explains that the site has set a filter to change the word “gay” to “homosexual,” and they don’t bother to look at the context of the story before applying the filter. And that’s how Gay became Homosexual.

  5. So are you a Red Sox fan or a Yankee fan?

    Lea and I are trying to work out a 20th anniversary trip to Boston next month for a Rangers vs Red Sox game. How far away are you from Boston?

  6. Brian

    National league guy, mets and cubs

    I definitely prefer the sox to the yankees, so I will be rooted quietly and privately against the home team.

    mainly going for history, last season of the stadium, i want to see monument park where all the placques are, and love the great rivalry.

    boston is prob 3-4 hours northeast of use. if you drive, definitely stop by

  7. have a good time at camp!

    had a spider craw on my arm last nite! 😕

    and thanks for comment!

    had a good day today! 😉

  8. Get that picture off here. Between you and Chandra, I’m going to start having nightmares or blogmares!

    I didn’t get the Gay thing until I read the comments. That was funny.

    Trey, take Lea and go see Brian and Marisa. You guys will have a ball visiting.

  9. We’re checking tickets on ebay now for Ranger’s tickets verses the Red Sox. I can understand going to the game there. And, I remember now that you’re a Cubbie fan.

    Rangers are playing the Yankee’s tonight.

  10. Brian,
    I think Gay people should also be offended. Notice it said, wind aided. Like he couldn’t do it without the winds help!
    I know Obama’s slogan sounded familiar. Can we fix it!!!! Yes we can!!!! My middle son loves Bob the Builder.

  11. Jeanne M.

    Is that the same insect/arachnid as on Chandra’s blog, or one at your house? Either one is horrible. Hope Lisa and boys pin it to their board!!!

    Go, Red Sox! Go, Rangers! Go, Yankees! I’m not partial!!!

    Trey and Lea, go by and see Brian and Marisa. What a treat you will have.

  12. GROSS! Why do all the bugs up here have to have really long legs? Tonight I was walking through the living room and there was some other random unidentifiable long legged bug just hanging out on my wall. Where do they all come from? And why does the northeast have such random weird bugs. AGH!

  13. Bob Bliss

    Brian, we discovered a BIG wolf spider on our front porch here in Florida. We have learned that wolf spiders eat cockroaches. So we don’t bother our wolf spiders. Otherwise I don’t think they are dangerous (except to cockroaches).

    I think ESPN knew that their headline would cause some problems and ran it in order to embarrass religious folk who would just read the headline and think it referred to his sexual orientation. Can’t prove that but surely they noticed what the headline looked like it was saying.

    I’ve been to Yankee Stadium once. We had a father-son day. However, the game was rained delayed and started later than evening well after we got home.

  14. belinda

    John Edwards was my first choice but since he’s no longer in the picture – GO O-BAMA!

    Go CUBS Go!

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