Top Ten PBS Cartoons/Kids Shows

We don’t have cable.  My kids love cartoons.  Beside the Disney and Blues Clue’s DVDs and assortment of VHS tapes purchased at yard sales, they mainly watch “commercial cartoons” on PBS.  I have been present often enough to have some favorites.  Here is my list from 1 to 10:

  • Arthur

I love D.W.  The little sister of Arthur is so annoyingly realistic.  The writers must have kids that age.

  • Word Girl:

Two words:  Captain Huggyface.  Her sidekick is a monkey named Captain Huggyface.  The little segment where he dances always cracks me up.  Also, the catchphrase is, “Word Up!”

  • Curious George

Hard to beat “Monkey George,” as Eva calls him.  Has a great theme song.  The movie wasn’t as good as the TV series IMHO, but did have a great soundtrack of mellow acoustic music.

  • Clifford

Greatest dog ever?  Maybe not.  But a cute show.

  • Super Why

This is a newer one but the kids love it.  Alpha Pig and Princess Presto and the other two solve problems by using well-known stories.

  • Cyberchase

Christopher Lloyd voicing the villian?  Gilbert Gottfried as a robot bird?  Come one, that’s awesome.  Plus Math and Science have never been cooler.

  • Between the Lions

I like the punny title plus that all the family have a variation of the same name:  Leo, Leona, Lionel

  • Elmo’s World (segment on Sesame Street)

Classic, but gets old.

  • Jakers!

Mainly for the Scottish accents.

  • Dragon Tales

This only makes the list for the theme song, which is super catchy.

Well, what do you think?  I left Caillou, Bob the Builder, and Thomas the Train off my list.  How do you see it?


Some Stuff You Might Want to Read

First of all, a book:

The Enemy Within: Straight Talk about the Power and Defeat of Sin by Kris Lundgaard

Unless you believe that what Jesus did on the Cross frees you from ever having to do anything to make it to heaven, you will enjoy this book. If you think striving for holiness equals legalism, you won’t like it but you need it.  And if you believe “saved by grace through faith” means you shouldn’t try to sin less, you should get this book.  And if you believe that salvation is only at baptism and/or at the Return of Jesus, you need this book.

Or, if like me, you don’t worry daily about losing your salvation, but are concerned about pleasing God and sinning less and growing to be more like Christ because of His Grace, buy this book!

The chapters are brief (3-5 pages, almost too brief) and end with questions.  It would be good for a Bible Class/small group study.  The author kinda summaries much of John Owens’ (old Puritan guy) thoughts into modern language.  Great stuff!


This is a great Christian Mommyblog I recently became aware of.  Her in-laws are friends of mine here in NJ.

Blue Moments by Jenna


15 Cool Things about Mr. Rogers from


Another site that collects news relating to Church, Faith, the Spiritual:  Spirit Daily


Even the Methodists in Wales are complaining (rightfully so) about the death of congregational singing


Connection between Men doing Housework and Sex;  Women consider men washing dishes foreplay.  Men, well…Trey, I am expecting a post from you on this.

CoBlogging: A Brother and Sister Take Manhattan

Brian:  It was a long and fun day that began with the 2-year old having an accident while waiting for the train.

Paula:  It was hot and smelt of urine

Brian:  So, we started over.  Went home and caught a train an hour later.

Paula:  We doused the little one with baby powder but were afraid port authority would think we were sneaking cocaine into the city.  Every time she took a step, a cloud of powder burst at her feet.

Brian:  The best view of ground zero is arriving on the train.  Once you get above ground, you can’t really see anything, but we went to the World Trade Center Visitor Center after eating at the poshest McDs ever.

Apparently the singer/pianist was a McProfessional Performer.
Brian: Apparently the singer/pianist was a McProfessional Performer.
The memorial was extremely emotional.  You can't walk past the 1000's pictures of the missing and not hurt for the families.
Paula: The memorial was extremely emotional. You can't walk past the 1000's of pictures of the missing and not hurt for the families.

Brian:  It wasn’t as emotional when you are chasing a 4 year-old and 2 year-old through it.  Although the walls of personal pics and the metal airplane window frame were very……..”something”

Paula: As I walked past the personal items recovered at ground zero I listened to the father in front of me explain to his preteen the events of that day. I watched the father hesitate when the boy asked, “But why?”  The father had no answer.

Brian:  We then took the subway uptown to Times Square.  My sister took pictures of everything, metro card machine, homeless people, a clown guy on the subway.

Paula: The subway…hmm what can I say about the subway? Oh, I know, It was hot and smelt of urine.

Brian:  I think she also took a picture of a pool of urine, at least we thought it was urine, didn’t want to get close enough to smell it.

And you thought I was joking....
Brian: And you thought I was joking....

Brian:  When we walked up out of the subway at Times Square, she was robbed about six times without realizing it while staring up and taking pictures.  We didn’t see the Naked Cowboy guy, it must have been laundry day. And speaking of Times Square…

Paula: It too,  was hot and smelt of urine, but at least everyone had their clothes on!

We don't know the guys lower left.
Maybe that's the guy that robbed you.
Why did you take this one?  A real New Yorker's backside?
Brian: Why did you take this one? A real New Yorker's backside?

Paula: I don’t remember taking this picture but do remember accidentally hitting the button a couple of times.

Brian:  The kids were tired and Sam had just fallen down after tripping on the curb so we went to the World’s Largest Toys’R’Us, which is four stories of stuff, including a ferris wheel and a dinosaur.

Paula, Marisa, and the kids got to ride on it while Brian took pics.
Paula, Marisa, and the kids got to ride on it while Brian took pics.

Paula: The best part of the trip was walking through the giant Toys “R” Us!  If I could go straight back there and avoid the crazy clowns on the subways, the half-dressed people walking down the side of the road, and the yellow cabs trying to run me over, I would go tomorrow.

Not one single dad in the joint went through the Barbie House! What's up with that!
Not one dad in the joint went through the Barbie House! What's up with that?

Brian:  We finally headed towards home, got a little confused after coming out of the subway at 34th without seeing Penn Station anywhere, but we finally made it.

Paula: I walk out of the subway and take in the view of a magnificent building. I ask my twice-college-educated brother, “Isn’t that the Empire State Building?”  He says

Brian: “NO”

Paula: Then I hear the 8 year old kid behind me yell, “Look Mom! The Empire State Building!!”

Brian:  Stupid, smart-alec, 8 year-old tourist brats.  I think I then said, “at this point, I really don’t care” because I was confused and temporarily lost. Decide for yourselves…


Brian:  Well, it was a fun, yet long and tiring day.  Tomorrow we plan to hit the shore (that’s what cool people call the beach).  Maybe we will report on the day’s events tomorrow evening.  Who knows?

Paula: It was hot and smelt of dead fish…Oh wait, that’s for tomorrow’s post.

Fall Bible Classes

*this silliness is a result of a few silly comments over lunch with friends Sunday while talking about singles/young professional ministries and the lack thereof.

In attempts to reach out to the group of members who have graduated college but have not yet settled down and married with kids, and also to avoid excluding anyone and hurting feelings, the Metro Mega Church of Christ (located obviously somewhere in Texas) has developed these classes for the Fall quarter:

  • Recent College Graduates:  for those who graduated but miss campus life
  • Happily Single Class:  will study “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”
  • Single and Miserable Class:
  • Single, but with STDs:
  • Desperate to Get Married because I went to a Christian College but Graduated Single Class:  will study, “The Christian Wife”
  • Dating, but just for fun Class:
  • Dating Seriously Class:
  • Engaged Couples Class:
  • Newlyweds Class:  will study “Song of Solomon”
  • On again/Off again Couples Class:
  • Divorced and Okay with It Class:
  • Divorced and Miserable:
  • Single Again over 40 Class:
  • Never Married over 40 Class:
  • Widows/Widowers under 40:
  • Widows/Widowers 40-70:
  • Widows/Widowers 70+: