That Week that Was

While I was enjoying myself and teaching Bible classes at Camp Manatawny, my wife and kids were at Camp Grann(a)mommy.  They visited numerous parks, went to the library, rode a train, rode the rides at Hershey Park, visited me at camp, and visited the local pool.

We had 10 baptisms last week. Please pray for all of them.  Some come from church families and others don’t. 

This sweet little girl was one of our campers.  Her story will make you cry and inspire you.  She is an orphan from Liberia who now lives in PA.

Our Theme was “The Race to Heaven.”  We had five lessons and a final activity on Friday morning.  We used a lot of examples from the Olympics which begin next month.  The daily lessons were:

  • Commit
  • Compete
  • Honor
  • Endure
  • Glory

On Friday, the Bible All-Stars competed against the counselors in Bible Buzzer.   Since the campers lost, the Bible Teachers had to take a plunge in the pool.  It was actually quite refreshing.

This psychiatrist was a guest on Tuesday.  He spoke Tuesday evening and “taught” us how to laugh.  He rigged a Bingo game so that everyone won at the same moment and every camper received a clown nose.  He was great.  He used to oversee the youth psychiatrist unit at a hospital in Philly.


7 thoughts on “That Week that Was

  1. My family lived in NJ during the 60s, and Manatawny was my first camp. I wasn’t old enough to be a camper, but since both of my parents were working there, I got to tag along and act like a big kid. That’s where we were during the first moon landing in the summer of ’69. I couldn’t figure out why all those big people were crowded around that little TV. One of my Gump moments.

    There’s got to be a pool there now. I contributed a few of my precious pennies to the future-pool fund. To go back and take a dip is something I’d really like to do someday. That place was a paradise to me. I’m glad it’s still there doing the same things. Glad you’re helping to keep the faith.

  2. The Brazilian church, unfortunately, will not be having it’s annual retreat at Camp Manatawny this year. We had a disappointing experience with the camp last year and took too long to consider our other options. By the time we contacted them as a sort of “better-than-nothing” option, it was too late.

  3. Jeanne M.

    The story of young Gift was so touching. What a marvelous spirit she has for one who has gone through so much turmoil. I pray that God will continue to be with her and Jody Bender as they travel this life together.

  4. Brian

    yeah, with us being gone a week, they had free reign of the house. who knows how many there are now.

  5. Brian

    yeah, frank, I think they have actually refurbished the old pool already. it is very nice.

    now they are raising money for a new bathhouse. the old one was condemned, and they had to spend a few thousand to fix it because the money wasn’t there yet to rebuild completely

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