“Yikes!”  “Cavitron, huh?”  Those were the only words I could muster in between tears on Monday at my dentist appointment.

I haven’t been in about 3 years.  It was the most painful dentist trip in my life.  I have no cavities, actually, just a bad case of gingivitis.

The lady used the Cavitron to clean the tartar under my gums, yet my inflamed gums were so tender that it hurt really bad.  At that angle, tears left the corner of my eye and went straight into my ear.  At one point I was hallucinating from the pain that it was actually Juliet from Lost that was working on my teeth (the tech was tall and blond, but looked nothing like her) and that provided some comfort.  The rest of the visit (not as painful) was complicated by all the mucus irritated by the tears.

I had to get some prescription mouth wash and must floss daily.

Gingivitis is related to heart disease a myriad of other health problems.  I will have blood work done again soon to check on my cholesterol.  Pray that I get to see my kids graduate from kindergarten.


9 thoughts on “CAVITRON!!

  1. I HATE the dentist. I have discovered the pleasures of nitrus and I will never view the dentist the same way again. I didn’t even have to have the shots the last time I had a cavity because I was so hopped up on nitrus from the teeth cleaning. I have teeth/dentist nightmares. So sorry about your experience!

  2. Jeanne M.

    Brian, buck up! I had gingivitis very bad back in 1970, and had to have four treatments – one quarter of the mouth at a time – before being declared “clean.” The novacaine they used then helped deaden, but the needle in the roof of the mouth was TERRIBLE! But I am living proof you can get over it – as long as you take care of your teeth and mouth from now on. Never heard anything about heart disease at that time and my cholesterol has always been in the good range. People – take care of your teeth. They are the only ones you will have, and my dh can testify that dentures are a bigger pain.

  3. nb

    Sorry to hear about your dental problems. i guess I never realized that gingivitis was so painful. How many of these treatments must you endure?

  4. Sunny

    Yikes! Am in the same boat as you. Haven’t been to the dentist is close to 3 years, and ma scheduled to go in on Thursday. They said that I am going to make the DH’s work very hard. The doctor mentioned about the pain killers and the injection – I refused it and said that I will tough out the pain. But after reading your posts – am having second thoughts…

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