Some Stuff You Might Want to Read

First of all, a book:

The Enemy Within: Straight Talk about the Power and Defeat of Sin by Kris Lundgaard

Unless you believe that what Jesus did on the Cross frees you from ever having to do anything to make it to heaven, you will enjoy this book. If you think striving for holiness equals legalism, you won’t like it but you need it.  And if you believe “saved by grace through faith” means you shouldn’t try to sin less, you should get this book.  And if you believe that salvation is only at baptism and/or at the Return of Jesus, you need this book.

Or, if like me, you don’t worry daily about losing your salvation, but are concerned about pleasing God and sinning less and growing to be more like Christ because of His Grace, buy this book!

The chapters are brief (3-5 pages, almost too brief) and end with questions.  It would be good for a Bible Class/small group study.  The author kinda summaries much of John Owens’ (old Puritan guy) thoughts into modern language.  Great stuff!


This is a great Christian Mommyblog I recently became aware of.  Her in-laws are friends of mine here in NJ.

Blue Moments by Jenna


15 Cool Things about Mr. Rogers from


Another site that collects news relating to Church, Faith, the Spiritual:  Spirit Daily


Even the Methodists in Wales are complaining (rightfully so) about the death of congregational singing


Connection between Men doing Housework and Sex;  Women consider men washing dishes foreplay.  Men, well…Trey, I am expecting a post from you on this.


8 thoughts on “Some Stuff You Might Want to Read

  1. Are you going to make fun of me if I tell you I was going to post something about this on my blog? I don’t know why it matters you’ll make fun of me anyway! 🙂

    You’re stealing my thunder … and you’re killing me, Brian!!!

  2. The piece on singing was really good. I guess it’s a sign of growing old as you start to worry about change, but I do see a decline in singing which, ironically, seems to parallel churches’ efforts to “improve their music.”

    Grace and peace,

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