Top Ten PBS Cartoons/Kids Shows

We don’t have cable.  My kids love cartoons.  Beside the Disney and Blues Clue’s DVDs and assortment of VHS tapes purchased at yard sales, they mainly watch “commercial cartoons” on PBS.  I have been present often enough to have some favorites.  Here is my list from 1 to 10:

  • Arthur

I love D.W.  The little sister of Arthur is so annoyingly realistic.  The writers must have kids that age.

  • Word Girl:

Two words:  Captain Huggyface.  Her sidekick is a monkey named Captain Huggyface.  The little segment where he dances always cracks me up.  Also, the catchphrase is, “Word Up!”

  • Curious George

Hard to beat “Monkey George,” as Eva calls him.  Has a great theme song.  The movie wasn’t as good as the TV series IMHO, but did have a great soundtrack of mellow acoustic music.

  • Clifford

Greatest dog ever?  Maybe not.  But a cute show.

  • Super Why

This is a newer one but the kids love it.  Alpha Pig and Princess Presto and the other two solve problems by using well-known stories.

  • Cyberchase

Christopher Lloyd voicing the villian?  Gilbert Gottfried as a robot bird?  Come one, that’s awesome.  Plus Math and Science have never been cooler.

  • Between the Lions

I like the punny title plus that all the family have a variation of the same name:  Leo, Leona, Lionel

  • Elmo’s World (segment on Sesame Street)

Classic, but gets old.

  • Jakers!

Mainly for the Scottish accents.

  • Dragon Tales

This only makes the list for the theme song, which is super catchy.

Well, what do you think?  I left Caillou, Bob the Builder, and Thomas the Train off my list.  How do you see it?


15 thoughts on “Top Ten PBS Cartoons/Kids Shows

  1. I notice where you mention sisters being annoying….Funny, I don’t recall sisters ever being annoying…it must be a “little” sister problem

  2. Brian,

    We don’t get back to PBS too often, I agree with Dragon Tales, Jakers (same reason) and some of the classic ones. I have to say that my kids and I have been quite enjoying the Avitar. It’s on cable, but if you get the chance to see it, its pretty good.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  3. When my boys were little they were big Barney fans and PBS fans. Now that they are much older, we’re all Spongebob fans.

    The little yellow annoying guy has really grown on me.

  4. nb

    When my oldest was a little guy, Barney, Wishbone, and Ghost Writer were the PBS favorites at our house.

    A few years ago, my youngest loved Bob the Builder and Arthur, but he has morphed into a Spongebob addict in the past few years.

  5. I can hardly stand Thomas the Train. My favorite is the Backyardigans, but it’s cable. It’s the only one I will willingly watch all the way through. I feel better about t.v. watching if he’s watching Sesame Street or Super Why because I feel like he’s actually getting something out of it. I can watch Sesame Street in intervals…

  6. I love PBS. When we’re on vacation or at someone’s house watching cable, and the kids are allowed to find a show, I’m usually disgusted or at least severely annoyed with the choices. I can’t stand most of the cartoons I’ve seen on the Cartoon Network!! Now, PBS, on the other hand, has a few that are vaguely annoying, but for the most part I appreciate the values presented and the fact that they’re aimed for younger audiences. I agree with most everything you said about the above shows. I can’t believe you guys get Thomas, Bob the Builder or Word Girl, though. I don’t think we get those shows (unless perhaps they’re at times we’re not usually watching – our TV is usually only on in the mornings before I’m awake enough to entertain). The one thing I take exception to is Cyberchase – UGH!! HATE that show. “Christopher Lloyd voicing the villian? Gilbert Gottfried as a robot bird? Come on …” — majorly ANNOYING!!! (Especially G.G.)

    All in good fun, though, of course. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, even though it’s off a bit.

  7. Sheree

    Does anyone remember the cartoon on PBS around 2000 about a group of kids (they were like Muppets) that went to an in-home daycare? They were always getting into some kind of trouble. What’s the name of the show?

  8. Joseph

    Does anyone remember the name of the cartoon where the main character, who was some kind of animal, would tell the little kid a story that was always some kind of myth or legend? (for example the story of the minotaur, and Icarus)

  9. Does anyone remember a cartoon on PBS in which there were characters (kids) that were different animals…in particular there were twin dogs (Boston Terriers) named Frank and Frank?….I can’t think of the name of it!!

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