Youtube Selections for Monday

This is pretty cool and funny.  They only thing he leaves out is that the Nothing Box in men’s brains is actually 40% sex, but we just don’t want to confess it.  Revealing that means that no male will ever speak to me again.

Mark Gungor on Men’s and Women’s Brains


This is Sam’s favorite song and favorite youtube video.  Mahalia was awesome!

Mahalia Jackson–Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho


This skit of Facebook being acted out in the real world is hilarious.  Some objectionable language. POOOOOOOOKE!

Facebook in Reality

Sorry, I still don’t know how to embed video.


8 thoughts on “Youtube Selections for Monday

  1. Going to be at the Yankees vs Rangers game tonight and tomorrow night. I’m going to twitter though the game. I think I have my cell phone set where your responses will come back to me via text message.

    I can’t wait to chant “Over-Rated” when Jeter bats.

  2. In wordpress when you are typing a post there are little picture and video icons right over your window next to where it says visual/html. You click the second one that looks like a little film strip. Then you copy the address of the youtube webpage that has the video you want. You do not use the embed code that Youtube supplies but the actual www at the top of your browser. You paste it in there and then insert it into your post. Should work like a charm.

  3. Brian

    thanks, matt, but it didn’t work like a charm. i must have done something wrong, i will keep tinkering for the next time

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