Do you love Italy?

I love Italy!

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14 thoughts on “Do you love Italy?

  1. I love Italy! I want to go to Venice and sit at an outdoor cafe and have some spaghetti, real spaghetti, right this second, followed by some gelato or maybe a cannoli. Thanks a lot!

  2. Brian

    this was supposed to be a widget, i don’t know how to put it in a sidebar.

    trey, you pay, i will guide you and translate.

    i am not sure, but in my limited experiences, cannolis are much more an (Italian) American thing. i don’t remember seeing or eating them while over there.
    it might be they are regional

  3. wjcsydney

    Brian, aren’t cannoli from Sicily? Does Chandra know how much it costs to sit an an outdoor cafe in Venice? lol Although if you find some campo away from the tourist places, its a very affordable way of spending a morning. Brian, where is your fav place in Italy?

  4. Brian

    could be sicily, i have some friends there but have spent very little time there, just a quick trip when I was a student, spent a little time at catania, siracusa, and palermo, on a 3 day trip.

    hard to choose one place, wendy,
    Subiaco is outside of rome, and near there is the beginning of western monasticism, St Benedict and Scholastica monasteries.

    i love the tuscan hillside, which you can see in my facebook fotos.

    and just walking around rome, espeically near the pantheon and piazza navona

    pompeii is awesome. i don’t get tired of walking around there, been to the ruins 3 times

  5. Lisa

    Dan loved Italy too, and I can’t wait to go sometime. It’s definitely my top pick for out-of-country vacation spot someday.

  6. Brian

    if we can get a group, and everyone pays a little extra to cover my plane and hotel, i will play tour guide, translate, etc.

    i will pay for my own food, that would be too much

  7. I have sat at an outdoor cafe in Venice, and ate some pasta covered in octopus sauce that turned my teeth black. So in my fantasy I was imagining some tastier spaghetti that I had in Florence at my imaginary cafe in Venice with some Siciliain cannoli. And I had some cannoli in Rome, but maybe it was a Sicilian bakery?

  8. Brian

    all i know is, we can’t find the pastries that we loved while there, and very little in italian bakeries/cafes here (even in high italian content NJ) looks familiar.

    chalk it up to our limited experience, i supposed.

    although, Chandra, we did have some really good Friendship Bread today

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