Olympic Drama

Glad I stayed awake last night to see the men’s relay shocking finish/upset.  Hey Frenchies, don’t you know that talking trash goes before a fall?  That was a moment.  I had dozed off on the couch, but woke up a few minutes before it started.  I sat up to avoid falling asleep again.  It was worth it.  I jump off the couch, and yelled, “He got it!”  That was cool.

I get sucked into human interest stories.  I guess I kinda like humans.

The 32-year-old Russian mom who is competing with the German gymnastic team, because she moved her family to Germany when her little boy had leukemia was a lot more interesting than even Phelps or Dana Torres, IMO.  Of course, if I didn’t know she had a son, I would swear she was a boy.  She is twice as old and very few gymnast compete out of their teens.  I hope she does well.  I saw her vaulting scores were better than some US team girls.

The women’s swimmers soap opera (which NBC is obviously playing up to fill the time) is definitely twisted, with french chick’s former boy dating the Italian Pelligrini (which is Italian for “pilgrims, ” in case you wondered) and fotos leaked to the internet.  Good grief!  Sound more like a Lifetime Original movie.

So I do plan to continue watching Phelps, and hope to see the Men’s B-Ball team at least once and will prob enjoy Track and Field a little, as well.


6 thoughts on “Olympic Drama

  1. Lisa

    I loved that ending of the relay! I was watching with Dan & my in-laws & we all screamed at the second he pulled it off. That was so cool.

    I liked the Russian/German woman’s story too. I am enjoying watching Phelps, but I am kinda getting tired with how obsessed the media is with him! He’s a goober. Did you see that he was the only one talking during the gold-medal ceremony?

  2. Brian

    Added Note:

    Cullen, the african-american member of the relay team is from this part of jersey, grew up in irvington, family is in new brunswick.

  3. I watched the men’s soccer on Sunday. Left for church with the U.S. leading 2-1 at 90 minutes, pulling off such a great upset. Came home to find out that Holland scored at 92:47 to tie it. Ouch!

    Then Argentina lost to Lithuania in basketball. My hopes of Argentina again humbling the U.S. Scheme Team look pretty slim. [Will Kobe go through with his promise of leaving the U.S. if they don’t win the gold? One can only hope.]

    Grace and peace,

  4. paula-h

    can you believe that I have only watch some of opening ceremonies & that’s it! I can’t stay up past nine anymore & don’t have time at night to watch tv. keep blogging about it so I know what’s going on. I did see the fake kid sing at opening ceremony. have u read about that?

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