People are Stupid

Okay, sometimes “politically correct” is actually correct.  What part of “do unto others” are we misunderstanding?

Spanish Olympic Basketball team with slanty eyes

Tropic Thunder controversy over the “R” word

Don’t people get it?  I can’t decide what is offensive for someone else.  I can’t tell a black man that that I wasn’t being racist or didn’t mean to offend anyone by using the ‘N’ word.  Sure, it doesn’t offend me, a white man.  I have never had that term used against me in a hurtful way.  Who are we kidding?  We really don’t care about people if we tell them they shouldn’t be offended by what offends them.  You are really saying, “you shouldn’t be offended, so it’s your fault. You need to change/grow up/etc.  I am completely innocent and will continue saying/doing whatever I want.”

It’s selfishness, ignorance, arrogant, and unkind to continue to act and speak in a way that you know will hurt someone.  The arrogance comes in when we tel them to get over it.  Okay, we don’t say get over it.  We say, “I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”  Playing dumb like that just adds insult to insult.

Sure, you have rights as an American, you also have the right as an American to cheat on your spouse and lie (as long as you don’t lie to the government or in court).

And if you are offended or annoyed by my sensitivity and think I am being uptight, golly gee, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to….GET OVER IT!


5 thoughts on “People are Stupid

  1. I see a difference between the Spanish basketball situation and Tropic Thunder. Actually, I see a lot of differences. The main thing with Tropic Thunder is that I think people need to see the film before they get too upset. I heard Ben Stiller, who both starred in and directed the film, on NPR this morning. Before he was ever asked about the “R” word he talked about how the movie satirizes the foolishness in Hollywood and the ridiculous lengths to which some actors go to take parts they really shouldn’t have. In that context he was asked about one of the actors who played an actor who had his skin darkened so he could play a black man. There was a real black man in the movie constantly (he said) giving the fake black man a hard time about what he had done. Then the “R” word came up and Ben said he respected the opinion of those opposed to use of the word, but again stated that the point was to satirize the poor decisions and behavior of some actors.


    The Spanish Basketball team thing really irritated me, though. Did you know the women’s team did the same thing? I heard a Spanish man on CNN this evening say it was a problem of perception in the U.S., as no one in Spain was offended.


  2. Brian

    of course, i haven’t seen the film, if I did i would probably laugh.

    and i usually appreciate satire, too bad they can’t just satirize the guilty without the innocent bystanders getting dragged in

  3. That’s too bad. People are too often more concerned with their right to say whatever they want to than with whether or not it will hurt someone else. I guess in these cases those arguments weren’t used, but I imagine it’s much the same motivation.

  4. We should immediately redouble our efforts to make space travel commonplace. That way, everyone from Earth–no matter what their skin color, shape of eyes, etc.–will side with each other against the big-headed Martians and other non-human types found elsewhere in the universe. And, we’ll likely never tick them off since you can’t use your fingers to make your head look bigger, your body furrier, slimier, etc. Just a thought.

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