Prayer Requests

What a week! It seems that every now and then you are bombarded with sad news. Please pray for these situations.

The Nystrom family lost a father and husband last night. We (wife and I) met the Nystroms while in Italy. They were stationed in Naples (Air Force) and very involved in the Italian church. A great family and we have good memories of hanging out with them. Pray for Teresa and daughters, Bonnie and Zoe, in the loss of Chuck, who was hit by a pickup truck while riding his bike home from work.

Here is the Newspaper story of accident.

Pray for the Cope family who are grieving after a murder-suicide. They are family of my sister’s close friend. Paula mentioned it on her blog HERE.

Lastly, not as serious, but definitely some brethren who are in need of prayers. The Mt Pleasant church of Christ, where my uncle preaches in Bowling Green (KY), lost their building to a fire. They had plans to build an annex within weeks because of growth, but now they must start over and meet in a school in the meanwhile. Here is a news story.

I am sure this isn’t even everything in my sphere, but I appreciate your prayers.

I will share some links on Monday (maybe).


8 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Brian

    hopefully they won’t mind if I just post it here, for any who would like to send a card

    Teresa Nystrom
    5285 N. Spring View Dr.
    Tucson, AZ 85749

    Chuck was only 54

  2. Brian

    i added a link to the story of the accident.

    he was riding a bicycle and on his way to meet wife and daughter for dinner

  3. Wesley

    Thank you for the informatin concerning the Nystrom family. I was blessed to spend a few days with them when I was doing some short-term mission work in Western Europe. I also had Bonnie and Zoe in a teen class I taught during the Euro American Christian conference. The family will be in my prayers.

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