Reading Suggestions (Sermons Online Updated)

I finally finished uploading recent sermons.  Go HERE.

Here are some interesting (to me) things I found that you might like to read:

This is a funny search engine for news/politics with video of two commentators.  Does anyone know if these folks are on TV?

This site, Operation World, gives one nation per day to pray for with lots of details about that country.

Another great post by Bobby V, one of my fav bloggers:  Practicing the Presence of God

To the Source has either a book or post discussing “10 Books that Screwed up the World.

Answering the Church of Christ is a site by someone outside Churches of Christ discussing, refuting some ultra (he calls them hyper and realizes that these churches are not representative of all churches of Christ) churches of Christ who are on TV in his area.


5 thoughts on “Reading Suggestions (Sermons Online Updated)

  1. I have, and use, the Operation World book. I use it for dipping into for interesting reading rather than praying through. Maybe your link just convicted me to use it to pray through!

  2. I didn’t even know the “answering the CofC” was out there. Can’t wait to check it out. So, how about some updates…

    * How’s the diet?
    * How’s the beard?
    * What books have you read that you liked and didn’t like?
    * When are you going to your next football game?

    I like this. We’ll call it ask your favorite bloggers personal questions. Maybe it can be a new “tagged.”

  3. Brian

    -what diet? addicted to cheese danish rings

    -only sporting the goatee since spring

    -I am teaching four lessons a week now, haven’t had much time for extra reading, plus I begin a study on luke for Sunday AM class in two weeks and doing some prep for that. I even stopped reading a history book on the pelopenesian war because i was barely at 200 pages of a 500 book and got tired of it

    -football? i bought tix to mets-cubs forever ago, and the game isn’t until the end of sept

  4. – Cheese danish: I hear you !!!

    – How about just a soul patch under the lip?

    – I understand about teaching so much there’s no extra time to read. Been there and done that too.

    – Good call. I meant baseball!

    Thanks for playing.

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