Some Thots (“Hey, look, a hornets’ nest)

  • What’s best for America may not be what God has in store for us.
  • Our Nation might need another economic depression to cure us of our greed/materialism, an exile, as it were, like God used to cure Israel of their idolatry.
  • It might also be way to cure our obesity problem.
  • Don’t forget, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is NOT in the Bible.
  • Instead of “God bless America”;  How about “America, Bless God!” or “God Bless all the Nations!”
  • America is not a/the Christian Nation.  The church is God’s chosen people and the only Christian Nation.
  • God’s preferred form of govt seems to be a monarchy, and if He has a preferred type of economic ideaology, it would seem to be more in line with communism (obviously, not atheistic) than capitalism.
  • Christianity is not necessarily good for the economy (see Ephesus, Acts 19:23ff).  What would happen to our economy if self-proclaimed Christians rejected the idol of materialism, bought less unnecessary and luxury items so we had money to support the poor and the preaching of the Gospel??  Materialism and Greed are good for the USA, economically speaking.
  • Even if the guy you believe to be an anti-Christ wins an election, that doesn’t mean God didn’t put them there.

Mets/Cubs, September 25th

I don’t know if you noticed my wishlist on Twitter yesterday but said something like this:

  • No rain delay–check, it sprinkled early, but we were under the upper deck, when it rained harder, it wasn’t bad
  • a Mets win–check
  • 2 HRs–check, both by cubby Micah Hoffpaur, playing 1B
  • Pedro lasts five innings–check, he pitched well (9 Ks) after the first inning when the stadium was ready to kill him or at least replace him.

Here is the story, plus video of the exciting parts that we missed, bottom of the ninth, two-out win.

Here is an article about Shea Stadium.

We got there early.  Had time to eat.  I had the chicken strips plus fries and a huge mountain dew for dinner.  the Wife had a corn dog (b/c it was the cheapest;  I tried to warn her about the prices).  We sat by two cubs fans and saw a lot of cubs hats, shirts, etc.

I also like the Cubs and hope they win the World Series, so I was a little disappointed that few of their starters played last night.  No Derek Lee.  No Aramis Ramirez. No Alfonso Soriano.

At 9, I had desert, an Italian Sausage with peppers and onions on a bun. Wow!  It was good.  Because of train times, we left during the bottom of the 8th inning.  While waiting for the train to take us back to Penn Station, the Mets tied things up at 6-6.

Once we got to Penn Station, where we catch a train to NJ, we heard someone announce the Mets had won in the bottom of the ninth.  So, we missed the big finish, but instead of getting home at 1 am or later, we made it home before midnight.

Marisa was a trooper.  It was her first game.  She was honored that I took her instead of a guy friend.  She didn’t freeze to death as she worred about, didn’t get too wet.  Enjoyed a hot chocolate.  She read her magazine half the time.  When I bought the tickets on StubHub, it was listed as a day game.  When they arrived, the tickets had the 7:10 start time.  A day game in warm weather would have been better for her first ballpark experience, but she was glad she went.

We saw lots of kids there.  Marisa was shocked, she even talked to one woman in the bathroom who had a 5-week old in a sling.  A kid behind us was whining and moaning until his parents (who were understandably upset) finally left the game.  I can’t wait til our kids are old enough to be excited about it, and I hope we can afford to take the whole family at least once in our lifetime.

It was cool.  We were at Shea Stadium for the final week ever of that stadium.    I bought a Jose Reyes figurine (McFarlane) that was a Shea Stadium exclusive, which I assume means you can’t buy it anywhere else.

Live with Brian and Marisa!

We had a great time on Tuesday.  We got up around 4:30 and left the house the catch a train at 5:16. Okay, maybe that part wasn’t fun.  We got brekkie (that’s what Aussies call breakfast, that’s for you Wendy) at Penn Station in Manhattan.  Caught a subway to 66th St and walked a couple of blocks to the ABC studio a little before 7 AM.  There was already a line.  One couple had been there since 5:30.  We had a confirmation letter, but not everyone did.  They finally let us go in and through security and then we waited from about 7:30 until 8:40 in line.

We sat in the middle about four rows up and, of course, the boom camera thingy was blocking our view half the time.  Gelman did a good job warming up the crowd right before we went on-air. We like him.  They lady whose number was called for the Trivia thing was just a couple of people to the left of us.

Regis and Kelly both came and talked with the audience and joked around during commercial breaks.  That was cool.  That’s when we got the best pictures.  Those in the front row got to take pictures with them.  They were the same goofy, funny people during breaks, joking around with the audience.

For those who didn’t watch it, Regis kept messing up and forgetting names.  I don’t know how much of his comedy is intentional anymore.  Diane Lane and Poppy Montgomery were the guests.  They gave away some Relly Awards.

The time went by real fast.  The coolest part was that after the live show ended, there was more, including a bonus surprise.  First they show a couple of promos:  one for local morning show and one for Detroit.  They kept ad-libbing and being goofy for the Detroit one.  It was hilarious, funnier than anything on the show.  The best surprise was that they recorded another interview that will be shown on another day and it was with Milo Ventimiglia, “Peter” from Heroes.  Now, that’s the kind of guest I was hoping for.

Regis and Kelly even went and changed clothes because they were dressed formally for Relly Week, and this interview won’t be shown this week.  So, we all have to keep watching until they show the Milo Ventimiglia interview, we think there is actually a better shot of us in the crowd during that than there was during the Live show on Tuesday (even though my sister watched the opening in slo-mo and saw us when the camera scanned the audience).  We had seen a show where it seemed that things changed after the opening banter and we assumed it had pre-recorded stuff.  Occasionally, they do that.  They accomodate actor’s schedules who are in NYC and use it for Fridays and off days.

We had a blast.  Went and ate lunch in Times Square.  It was okay.  Nothing to blog about.  I had a board of Trustees meeting last night for a charter school.  I managed to stay away.  I took a nap for 30-45 minutes around 4, but we were both wasted.

I also added some pics on Facebook.

Enjoy the fotos:

my mouth usually isn't this crooked
my mouth usually isn

This Week

Hey, I have an exciting and busy week coming up.

If you are jobless or a preacher, watch Regis and Kelly Live tomorrow.  The wife and I will be in the audience.  My wife requested tickets about a year ago and we got a letter last Tuesday saying we had two spots for the next Tuesday.

It just so happens to be the same week that I had bought Mets tickets way back in May when the govt was kind enough to give us money.  So, Thursday night, I am taking the same wife to the Cubs and Mets at Shea stadium. Last week of the season.  Cubs have clinched, Mets are wildcard but fighting.  Last season of Shea stadium.  I grew up loving the Cubs.  Ryne Sandberg and Greg Maddux are two of my favorite players.  But I have been rooting for the Mets since we moved to Jersey.  It will be the first game ever for her.

I am finally reading again.  I will blog sometime this week about Thomas Cahill’s The Gift of the Jews.   Which mainly focuses on monotheism.  It is amazing.  I wish I had read it before ever teaching or preaching on Genesis or Exodus.  He is not a theologian, but a historian, but makes great distinctions between YHWH and Sumerian religion, which was representative of the ancient world and how Abraham grew up.

He uses a translation of the Pentateuch that intrigued me so I bought a copy.  Everett Fox translated the Five Books of Moses and tried to bring out the “Hebrewness” that disappears when trying to tidy it up for the English language.

I have also been reading the Contemplative Pastor by Eugene Peterson.  Great book for every minister to chew on.

Anywho, busy and fun week for me.  May not blog much.  Have a great one!


Finally uploaded some more sermons HERE.


If our election truly is about the economy, and every American’s right to be at least middle class, and the right to a good college education, and to protecting our IRAs and 401ks…

….I wonder what the majority of the world who lives in poverty thinks about our “important” issues.

We are concerned about how well we live in retirement while many are worried about eating a meal this week.