Football Fantasies

I remember a friend in college who didn’t enjoy fantasy sports claiming that, “my fantasies don’t involve 7-foot tall black men.”  I guess there will always be mockers.

I am in four football leagues this year but only one where I know the guys.  Three guys from my congregation are in their plus about 5-6 that have played together for years and most of us went to college at FHU together.

I have Thomas Jones on most of my teams.  Improved O-line plus Favre has to boost his stats, right?

Since you don’t realy care anyway, I will only talk about this one league with friends.

I have Matt Schaub at QB.  I liked him last year, especially when he and Andre Johnson were both healthy.  He has a good TE, but the running game is shaky.  Could mean he passes more, yea for me.  Could hurt the passing game.  I have David Garrard and Brett Favre on the bench.  I just picked up Favre, and expect to trade one of my three QBs to improve my TE.

At RB, I have Steven Jackson, Thomas Jones, and Deangelo Williams.  I love Jackson and I already mentioned TJ.  I have rookie Titan Chris Johnson on the bench.  He has shown some flash and their starter isn’t great.

At WR, I start Braylon Edwards and Jerrico Cotchery.  I have high hopes for Jerrico.  We will see.  He put up good numbers with Chad Pennington, so should improve if Favre stays healthy.  Patrick Crayton and Santana Moss are on the bench.

My TE is Zack Miller (Oakland).  I messed up and didn’t draft one and he was available on waivers.  I saw him make a great catch in a preseason game.  He has a young QB and weak WRs.  I would still like to upgrade.

I already traded to improve my D/ST.  I got San Diego for Roy Williams.  Even with a lesser Merriman, they should be good with Cromartie, Weddle, and a tough D-line.

Who really cares about kickers.  I have Phil Dawson.  Big Deal.

Anyway, I am excited.  It’s fun to play and makes watching NFL even more enjoyable for me.

Thursday, look for my completely uneducated NFL picks.


11 thoughts on “Football Fantasies

  1. I’ve never done fantasy football with strangers. I’ve done it a few times with people I know and found that enjoyable. Since I’ve quit playing in Playmaker Football leagues, I’ve lost touch with “football guys.”

    One season I scored major points with Neil Rackers as my kicker. You never know.

    Have fun!

  2. I’m in 3 leagues this year. I like the teams I have, but I always do before the seasons starts. After a couple of weeks I’m not so sure.

    I think the key to being successful is picking guys up the first two or three weeks that come out of know where. I picked up Earnest Graham last year and he was a beast.

  3. Oh brother!! I’ve told you before that Dan is into fantasy football too. A bunch of guys from church got together the other night for their draft. He also has one going for the few guys he works with. Ay, ay, ay. It’s all I’m going to hear about for the next, what, 5 months?! *SIGH*

    We had our care group over today for a cookout, games, and volleyball. Lots of fun!

  4. Brian

    no, and she is holding out. she occasionally gets on my acct and checks status updates. but has absolutely no interest in joining. and if she did, she prob wouldn’t join any groups

  5. I recant my previous agreement to your comment on Sid the Science Kid. I think maybe watching it every day isn’t such a great idea. After 3 days I find myself wanting to strangle his teacher, Miss Suzy, and Earl, his little friend with the strangely deep voice. Not to mention every one of the characters’ laughs are incredibly annoying!!

    Although Derek still likes it. And they do all have nice dance moves.

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