Brian’s NFL Picks

I enjoy football and just like last year, I am going to offer my picks just for fun.  I may not study and know as much as the all the experts at ESPN or FOX or USAToday, but the funny thing is, my picks have just as much chance being right as theirs.

NFC East:  Philly Eagles

NFC North:  GB Packers

NFC South:  New Orleans Saints

NFC West:  Seattle

Wildcards:  Dallas Cowgirls, Carolina Panthers

NFC Championship Game:  Eagles beat Saints

AFC East:  Patriots

AFC North:  Steelers

AFC South:  Colts

AFC West:  Broncos

Wildcards:  SD Chargers, Jacksonville Jags

AFC Championship Game:  Jax Jags beat Steelers

Super Bowl:  Eagles over Jags


7 thoughts on “Brian’s NFL Picks

  1. The Beagles? Well, anything’s possible I guess.

    I’m looking for the ‘Boys to have a pretty good year. Maybe not Super Bowl, but hopefully they can at least WIN ONE PLAYOFF GAME… sheesh.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Last year I belittled you for picking the Packers and you wound up being right. But the Eagles? Come on Brian. The Eagles? That’s like saying Satan is going to win.

    You’re killing me! 🙂

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