Linky Dinks (stuff on the Web)

Let’s start out with a Sarah Palin round-up of the serious and not-so-serious:

SNL Tina Fey as Palin with Hillary

SNL Tina Fey as Palin with Katie Couric

Is the Media going soft on Palin because she is a woman?

America, Meet Sarah Palin

And, now for something completely different:

“Jesus loves you” is now offensive

Scott Lenger Blog post on Christian Participation in Govt

Scott McKnight on Voting

Great Report and Faith and Ignorance (the results will make you happy) from Wall Street Journal

A ‘green’ Bible (well, then)

Religious Mag with Female Pastor Hidden in stores (and yes, the pastors were fully clothed, made me laugh)

5 Feisty Presidential Daughters (fun history)

More on Politics: Claiborne, Boyd, and Colson

One More really Funny thing: Mocking the Mockers, Emergent Motivational Posters

One More really Serious thing: Haiti REALLY Needs Help Our congregatin is looking into helping.  Someone posted an article from a local paper on our board about people in Haiti eating mud cookies to survive.  That was before the Hurricanes.


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