Thoughts about Facebook

As I approach 400 “friends” on Facebook (FB), my mind is full of ramblings:

  • Am I on FB just to hopefully draw traffic to my blog?
  • Why is it so hard to remember where I know people from when I try to create a list?
  • How many times do I have to ignore invites for Mob Wars/Oregon Trail etc, before some people get the idea?
  • Why do people who went to my same school 8 years after me want to be my friend, and then they ask me who I am after requesting to be my friend?!?!!?
  • New Facebook or Old Facebook?

What do you like or dislike abot Facebook??


11 thoughts on “Thoughts about Facebook

  1. Right now, it’s still incredibly useful for me. However, the number of friend requests that make me scratch my head grows by the day. I used to feel bad about ignoring them, but I’ve gotten past that. At some point, if you have 7000 friends, that kind of defeats the point of the whole thing.

    For now, it’s great about keeping up with people that I had lost touch with or would lose touch with.

    And it’s been a good way to keep people from reading my blog!

  2. Facebook has become my main “go-to” on the web. I do a lot of emailing through it, and leave it up nearly all the time I’m near my computer. The only games I play (WordChallenge, for example) are on there.

    It is also a great tool. I have reconnected with some old high school buddies, done impromptu counseling sessions, and even held a couple of Bible studies via Facebook.

    I have nearly 1900 friends, and it’s amazing how many of them I actually do know. In my mind, it is one of the greatest tools for putting a lot of “web stuff” together out there.

    …but New Facebook is a joke compared with old.


    A Facebook Friend

  3. wjcsydney

    I love reconnecting with old friends. Just this w/e I added 2 friends who were my closest friends at uni over 30 years ago. We had lost touch, living in different continents and life having moved us apart.

    I also love connecting with my nieces and nephews who live in England and South Africa. This way I can share some glimpses of their lives I would not otherwise have.

    My daughter is now alos on fb and while she prefers MySpace and bebo, I predict that she and her cohort will increasinly use fb. I like to keep in touch with what’s happening in her cyberworld

  4. I don’t feel like I have to have a million friends on FB. I love that I have reconnected with some old, old friends. We still don’t chat every day, but at least now I know where they are, what they’re up to, who they married, how many kids they have, etc. And I will be able to stay in touch with people more easily when they move away. Before I didn’t expect to do that, because I’m terrible about keeping in touch.

    I don’t think it bring me more blog traffic at all, which is just fine with me, as I am less and less enthusiastic about blogging every day, and I can’t really explain that. Just sad.

    I currently have 6 nominations for “Coolest Person” in my requests page, simply because I enjoy knowing SIX people think I’m cool. So I don’t accept the nomination because I want to keep looking at that number: SIX. Wow.

    And what else makes me feel cool is when people I don’t know (but are cooler than I) request me as their friend, probably because they recognize my name from blogging, but I don’t really know for sure why they want to be my friend.

    Actually, I really like new facebook better. But then, I don’t remember old all that well. (I know, it hasn’t been that long. That’s just me & my horrible memory.) I like that I can easily see everyone’s status updates & comment on them, w/o having to go to their page. I think lots of things are cooler. The only thing I’ve noticed is that some people’s pictures get mixed up with each others — but maybe that’s just my computer!

    And I’d really like to know who Victor Perez is before I Reject his friend request for good. But we don’t have any mutual friends, so I’m thinking it’s a joke.

  5. I like reconnecting with old friends who I probably would have never spoken to again otherwise. I love seeing updated pictures and status updates that crack me up.

    I don’t like the new layout…it’s too word focused…I need pictures.;) The friend thing doesn’t bother me because I only add people I know well enough not to mind them seeing personal photos of my family.

  6. The Blog-Prophet on Facebook…never! I cannot believe you are purposefully using the resources of technology to invite people to your blog and keep them there will little RSS feeds and continually adding friends. I am appauled, but still i have written down your idea for future ideas.

    Facebook is good for communicating and reaching out to those we know, but it is a pain when requests to join Mob Wars, wrestling, Racing and stuff fly their way into your inbox.

    What it allows us to see is how our friends communicate with other people. We see conversations and status messages and can keep up with their activities…kind o fliek a “Christian spy.”

    Hey, when are you going to blog abotu me beating you in Fantasy football?

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