More from TMoaCN–Religion of American Democracy

I was planning on going chapter by chapter, but this quote is fascinating and helpful.  I am curious about your thoughts.

The Religion of American Democracy

“Like all religions, this religion has its own distinctive, theologized, revisionist history (for instance, the “manifest destiny” doctrine whereby God destined Europeans to conquer the land)…

It has its own distinctive message of salvation (political freedom)…

it’s own “set apart” people group (America and its allies)…

its own creed (we hold these truths to be self-evident”)…

its own distinctive enemies (all who resist freedom and who are against America)…

its own distinctive symbol (the flag)…

its own distinctive god (the nation deity we are “under,” who favors our causes and helps us win our battles)…

This nationalistic religion co-opts Christian rhetoric, but it in fact has nothing to do with real Christianity, for it has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God.”

(Gregory A. Boyd, p. 150)

Okay, that gives me chills (in a bad way, not a cool way).  Some of you won’t get it.  That’s okay.  Just be challenged and think about it.

BTW–My sunday night sermon 3 American Myths is HERE is you can stomach it.


2 thoughts on “More from TMoaCN–Religion of American Democracy

  1. I’m curious how many nations have a similar religion. Argentina doesn’t seem to. Could this be a special tactic of Satan to attack one of the nations that has the most Christians?

  2. Brian

    and what about it’s hymnal, surprised he didn’t mentioned it

    I like God Bless America, but how many people at the ballgame during the 7-inning stretch are committed disciples of Jesus??

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