Myth of a Christian Nation-Chapter 2

Here are some excerpts from Chapter 2-“The Kingdom of the Cross” of Gregory Boyd’s book:

Some section headings

  • The Mustard-Seed Kingdom
  • What Power do you Trust?
  • The Kingdom of the Cross
  • The Kingdom that is Jesus
  • Become as Children
  • God Washes Feet
  • Healing the Ear of an Enemy
  • Kingdom Love
  • Living Consistent with God’s Character
  • The All or Nothing of Love

Contrast of Two Kingdoms:

  • A Contrast of Trusts
    • Kingdom of this world trusts the power of the sword; the kingdom of God trusts the power of the Cross
  • A Contrast of Aims
    • KoW seeks to control behavior; the KoG seeks to transform lives
  • A Contrast of Scopes
    • KoW interested in defending and advancing its own tribe, people, nation, ethnicity, religions, station, ideologies, political agendas;  KoG transcends division by love
  • A Contrast of Responses
    • KoW retaliates, fights back, gets revenge; KoG returns evil with good, turns the other cheek, goes the second mile, loves and prays for enemies
  • A Contrast of Battles
    • KoW has many enemies, whoever is not a part of my tribe, nation, ethnic group, religion (think “gays, atheists, muslims”, etc. from a church perspective-brian);  KoG battles against spiritual forces instead of flesh and blood (Eph 6:10ff)

3 thoughts on “Myth of a Christian Nation-Chapter 2

  1. To me, that’s the great lesson of Revelation 5. The Lion of Judah, the Root of David, turns out to be a slain Lamb. To me the lion image illustrates KoW, while the Lamb is KoG. People look to Jesus wanting a lion and get a lamb instead.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Brian

    that is a powerful contrast, and what the Cross really represents, but can you imagine a “Christian Flag” that had a picture of a dead lamb on it.

    that would seem wierd, weak, and wouldn’t rally the troops in battle very well

    thanks for the comment. everyone else must have lost interest or branded me a commie by now, glad you are enjoying this

  3. wjcsydney

    I haven’t lost interest. In fact, I have added the book to my wishlist! I find it interesting that I agree with both your perception and Tim’s on many political things, and both of you have lived outside the USA.

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