Me, Just Wondering/Wandering

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.      Proverbs 14:24

Is that verse referring to the people or the laws? Israel was a nation with righteous laws, but that didn’t keep them from sinning and rebelling from God.  Will enforcing Biblical ethics “make” us a Christian nation without changing hearts and minds with the Gospel?


“Sharing the Wealth”  The Inconsistency of American Christians

Some Christians vote to codify and enforce heterosexual marriage, but many of those same believers strongly oppose this socialistic concept of “sharing the wealth” that has become such a sound bite lately.

How would those Christians react with their American mindset if they were in Acts chapter 2 and following?  Barnabas (Acts 4:32-37) sold property to share his wealth with poor Christians.  They literally “shared the wealth.”  As capitialistic, American, believers today, we can easily rationalize and explain away such practices, all the while claiming to be following the Bible and the “pattern.”

If we desire to enforce one aspect of Christian lifestyle (sexuality) in the political arena, why do we oppose another Biblical lifestyle in the political arena?

Can someone help me out??


7 thoughts on “Me, Just Wondering/Wandering

  1. Monica

    Who did the sharing and with whom did they share?
    Is this a command that the government should take the wealth of the hard working and give it to those who won’t work? Or is it an example of Christians taking care of Christians and/or others who are in need?
    I believe we as Christians should be willing and ready to help our fellow Christians and our fellow man. I do not believe the government should tell us to share our earnings with our neighbor just because our neighbor makes less than us. It’s also about making decisions. What jobs we choose, how we spend our money. Wouldn’t our country be better off if everyone worked hard for their own money, and spent it wisely instead of living off government handouts? Isn’t that how America was born, people working hard?
    I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about our fellow man and take care of him when needed, but I don’t think we should support people who are just lazy.

  2. If I’m poor, I want the wealth shared. If I’m rich, I don’t.

    Does that help? 🙂

    OK, over simplistic, but it does explain the appeal of socialism in less prosperous countries. Rich countries favor the “I Got Mine, Go Find Your Own” plan. Unfortunately, the church tends to follow the attitude of the country.

    John Mark Hicks ( had some interesting thoughts on this subject, especially using 2 Corinthians 8:14-15.

    Grace and peace,

  3. Brian

    thanks wes
    monica, you make good points, and the system is messed up and abused, but be careful not to support another myth/generalization: “all poor people are lazy and just need to work harder”

    interesting how, in ancient world, the poor were almost considered of higher character because of their poverty, and today, we assume the opposite

    thanks, tim, that is a good summary, you flaming heretic, you

  4. Monica

    I wasn’t trying to generalize that “all poor people are lazy.” I’ve been on the receiving end of the generosity of Christians. I’m now in a position to be on the giving end of the generosity of a Christian, have done so, and hope to do so many times before I leave this earth. Some people do have a great need, and we as Christians do need to meet that need. But some people are lazy and do live off the system of the government. They think that because they are in “this position” that the government and everybody else owes them something. That I don’t agree with.

  5. The wealth of our nation at the beginning was not the financial we see destroying and dragging our nation to the pits of an economic demise, it was wealth founded on freedom and the chance of a new physical life in a new land.

    Today, the wealth of the wealthy, some say, need to be shared with each person leading many to blame the socialist system which brought communism into a variety of countries and since has caused turmoil and the loss of religion. To state this further, it is necessary to look at the “why” of a situation before looking at the expected actions of such.

    As I read the Bible I see that God has placed emphasis on each person working. Take note of Paul’s encouragement to Timothy that each person should work and if they do not they do not eat. Also, consider that each man needs to provide for his family. Many people will believe and follow those, but yet we leave out the passages where we are to help those around us. Enabling someone to not work and then eat, is not right by Paul’s inspired writings. We do not help the person we keep hand-feeding, who has the ability and power to pick them self up and go work.

    With the thought of work, we run into my generation’s problem of expecting something handed to them they do not deserve because they have not worked for it. The results of this are seen in the government bail out of billions of dollars because people got greedy. Greedy and the “wantings” of people along with the “silliness”of business caused the problems we are now in..just blame people.

    I believe the situations in Acts 2 and Acts 4 are different than the current situations or government programs we see before us. There was a need and it was a need of those who left their homes and work to come to Jerusalem to hear Peter preach a message. It was those disciples who stayed in Jerusalem to continue in fellowship, worship and teaching with one another. They had a need because they were away from home and they needed the brothers and sister in Christ.

    I am continually learning the helping your neighbor, but I am also learning that God expects us to work mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, no matter what our ability.

    There are times when we need to help, but God expects us to help, not a government program.

    Just my thoughts..

  6. Good questions, Brian. About the first one, we know that laws can’t substitute for conscience or conviction. Being subjected to law will not make anyone a Christian.

    At the same time, laws are essential for doing what laws can do: they codify standards and curb evil. I support the agenda that wants to legally establish traditional definitions of marriage. For a variety of reasons, I consider that effort to be kingdom business.

    Is it hearts or is it laws? As vital as hearts are, it’s both.

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