French Fries Fast

Say that three times real fast.  I am going to attempt to survive the entire month of December without eating one french fry.  I think I can do it.  It will be difficult.  I love Five Guys Fries, and even McDs.  Pray for me.


I love my guitar.  I am building up callouses.  I like my DVD that is teaching me chords and basic songs.  I bought three books.  One has children’s songs.  One has hymns.  The other is 65 “3-chord” songs.  It’s amazing how many songs only have three chords.  Some of the chords are hard and they don’t always sound exactly like the guy on the DVD but I am still excited.


It’s beard season again.  I shaved my goatee a week ago and began the full beard.  I shaved my neck last night.  There will be updates with fotos along the way.


I am now picking the Giants vs the Steelers for the Super Bowl.  That would be much better than Geezer Bowl with Kerry Collins vs Gus Frerotte.


I forg0t our check for the offering today.  Marisa writes them when we get our paycheck, so they are ready to go.  So, we had set apart the funds in our heart, just not in our pocket.


It’s already December.  Yikes!  Christmas, then New Year’s.


I really want to go to Tulsa this spring.  I am trying to talk Marisa into coming.  Decisions, decisions.  Hope to meet up with some of you.  We will see.


Sinful Thanksgiving

Have you ever sinned in your gratitude to God? At least one man has and Jesus condemned him. The Bible records the teaching in Luke 18:9-14.

Two different men prayed two different prayers. One man began with a petition/request, the other man began with thanks. If that was all we knew, it might seem clear who pleased God and who didn’t, but it’s the man who simply asked God for something that was rewarded and answered. The man who began with thanksgiving was not blessed or favored by God.

He was thankful that he wasn’t like “robbers, evil-doers, adulterers, tax collectors” and he followed his “gratitude” with a little bragging, pointing out the good religious things that he does.

Thanksgiving is vital to the Christian life. Our faith will die without it being in our hearts. But apparently, there is a danger in it. There is the possibility of expressing thanks in the wrong way or with the wrong attitude.

Be thankful! This week and always. Daily. Be careful, though, that your gratitude isn’t really a form of bragging or self-righteousness. It can happen.

Guitar Noobery

Don’t worry. That’s not a bad word.  The slang term, “noob” is just a variant of “newbie” which you all have heard.

Finally bought a guitar!!  GC (Guitar Center) gave me their online price, so the one I wanted online was in my price range and in the store.  I bought a DVD for learning basics and a humidifier.  I put off everything else because I only had money for that, even though I really needed to get more accoutrements (again, not a bad word).

So, I didn’t even get to play with it all day because I was busy.  I waited till I got home at 9 last night and tried to tune it using a neat online tuner.  I failed miserably.  I must be tone deaf.  I can recognize notes although I can’t sing them correctly, so I assumed I would be able to tune it.

So, for the record:  Day 1 of guitar ownership

  • it stayed in my closet all day hiding from the kids
  • I spent 45 minutes trying to tune it, a little frustrated, but not deterred

Today, while my wife was gone, I went to Sam Ash to get a tuner.  It’s cool, has a battery, you play the note, the line points straight up and the light turns green when it is in tune.  Beautiful. Although I put it on the credit card and hope to pay it off with Christmas money.  Shhh!!

After tuning one string, I moved on with my plucking but apparently didn’t move on with my turning, so I broke the first string I had tuned by tightening it too much while thinking I was tuning the second string.


Great!  I didn’t buy extra strings (remember the money limitations).  So, now I sit at home, with the family gone, and am tempted to go back to either GC or Sam Ash to get strings.  Oh yeah, and a pegwinder.  You need a pegwinder to string a guitar.  I am learning all these cool terms like “action” and “pegwinder.”  And amazingly, none of them are dirty words.  Go figure.

I will let you know if Marisa leaves me because of my increasingly expensive guitar obsession.

And I just want to practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s all!!  Good grief!


Update.  Just got back from Sam Ash and bought the stuff I needed plus a couple of books.

Guitar situation:  awesome

Marital situation:  up in the air

Does anyone have Greg England’s or Patrick Mead’s cell phone number?? I might need guitar-related marriage counseling. (JK)

8 Things

I’ll bite, Trey. I haven’t been posting much and haven’t done a meme in a while.

8 Favorite TV Shows

  • Lost
  • House
  • Life
  • Seinfeld
  • Frasier
  • Cheers
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • MASH

8 Favorites Restaurants

  • Chong’s (Paducah)
  • Five Guys
  • Applebee’s
  • Raagini Indian Buffet
  • Outback
  • Mi Ranchitos (Searcy, AR)
  • L’insegna del Gallo/Sign of the Rooster (Scandicci, Italy (Florence))
  • Patti’s (Grand Rivers, KY)

8 Things that Happened Today (Tues, nov 25)

  • woke up with a headache
  • visited a couple from church
  • bought an acoustic guitar
  • went to the post office
  • attended a charter school Board of Trustees meeting
  • completed 8 years of marriage
  • had a pretend lunch of play-doh with my daughter
  • didn’t eat much

    8 Things I am Looking Forward To

    • Our Area-Wide Singing Fellowship
    • Thanksgiving
    • watching my kids at Christmas
    • Actually learning how to play my guitar
    • reading
    • Heaven
    • the next vacation
    • new year’s party at the preacher’s house

    8 Things on My Wishlist (leaving out spiritual/obvious stuff like heaven)

    • Going to Tulsa Workshop
    • A laptop computer
    • a fancy digital camera
    • a return to Italy
    • to lose 20 lbs.
    • a new digital ready TV
    • a bicycle
    • finish a Master’s