Signs, Signs, Everywhere…

…Signs!  Here is just a taste of coming attractions. I plan to bore everyone with vacation fotos and details.  My family will enjoy it, the rest of you can click to another blog if you get bored.

This first post is just some fun and silly stuff not related to my kids.  All future posts will revolve around my kids and princesses.

Feel free to click on any picture for a larger view.

Don’t swim too fast!  Or maybe they don’t want the birds flying too fast, or the joggers.  Actually, everyone in Orlando told us that in Daytona Beach, you can drive on the beach.  Apparently, this is a big deal or something.  This was right outside the hotel.

Don't swim too fast!

I would like to send this to Jay Leno.  We bought some apple juice for the kids. Notice the brand name at the bottom and the stamp at the top.  Naturally imported concentrate?  Pride in what exactly?

pride in...China?
pride in...China?

Do you really want these people counting your money?  Is this the best name they could come up with?

Was the name "1.666667 Bank" already taken?
Was the name"1.667 Bank" already taken?

This was a sign on an Amtrak train.  Can anyone who has worked on trains tell me what it means? I am scared, but would like to know.


This one is just for Trey.  It’s only funny because it’s a mecca of “turn left, turn left.”  I can honestly say that the Cracker Barrel next door to the race track was very good.

"Turn left......turn left...turn left"

We were blessed to worship with Bob and Pat Bliss on Sunday morning.  Of course, we arrived late and weren’t able to enjoy a meal with them after worship was over, but at least we got to meet them in person and hear a good lesson on Paul’s Example from Romans 15:23ff.  I bet Bob’s mother-in-law, Jeanne, didn’t know what kind of church he preaches for……..

real church in Daytona Shores
real church in Daytona Shores
drive-in church
drive-in church

We are apparently getting really close to a “Joe’s Stop and Pray” with Drive-thru communion service.

close fellowship w/o leaving your car
close fellowship w/o leaving your car

Just kidding, that was a real place south of where we were staying, though.  You actually drive into a drive-in theater lot and turn your radio to a certain station.  Weird, huh?  Here is proof to the blog world that I got to meet the Blisses.

Pat, Bob, and the Blogprophet
Pat, Bob, Brian, Brian's gut

And here is a cool sign we saw on the way to and from Mt Dora.  Never seen this before…

bear crossing
bear crossing

I will share more about the actual trip, kid stuff, funny stories, and neat things in coming days.  Hopefully this will keep you until then.

I am going to bed!


12 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere…

  1. Brian, great to meet you and the family. Come visit when you can stay longer. We will be in our new home and probably can accommodate you all. Glad you had a great time visiting our state. I don’t remember seeing that sign in the Mt. Dora area. I have seen signs warning of alligators.

  2. Brian

    we came into mt dora on 46 and left on 44. saw lots more signs on 46. that was great. next time, we will at least do lunch…

  3. Brian, I HAVE seen the bear crossing sign — Dan & I have a conversation about it every time we go to Florida. This past summer we stayed in Daytona for a few days & I saw the 5th/3rd bank and thought that was really funny! It was right on a corner, right? Did you guys go into the speedway, just for fun, not for the silly expensive ride, or course!

  4. Brian

    hey lisa!
    it was cool to meet your folks. no, we just drove by the speedway, sam does like racecars, but does not like loud noises.

    thanks preacherman, hope you are feeling well

  5. I’m jealous that you got to meet the Bliss’ and see Daytona Speedway both. Did you take off your shoes at the Speedway due to being on “holy” ground?


  6. Jeanne M.

    So glad you got to meet my “children.” Hopefully we will get to be with them the end of December. Brian, next time you go to Florida, you can get a free room for a week by preaching one Sunday morning at the Main Gate church in Kissimmee. Lon will do that the last Sunday in December, even though we may not have to stay there – if Loni gives up her bed for us in Mt. Dora.

    Did Pat tell you that the town of Mount Dora hauls in tons of snow at Christmas time for the town square so the children can actually experience playing in snow? I bet your town would be happy to send them some of what you probably will acquire during that time!

  7. Brian, it was great to meet you, but too brief!

    About that driving on the beach thing – they DO think it’s cool, and I guess it would be nice to have all your stuff in the back of your car close at hand instead of having to haul it blocks from the car to the beach, but the idea of driving on the beach just seems so wrong! To me a beach is clean with only shells and animal and feet tracks, not tire tracks! And engine noise. And having to watch traffic. We didn’t get to spend enough time at the Jersey shore in our years there, but I love the beaches there. However, the water is WAY warmer here. And over on the Gulf — bathwater warm. Beautiful!

  8. A dear friend of mine works at 5th 3rd Bank in the big building in downtown Nashville. I often bug him about the name. It was the result of a merger. Awful name. Just doesn’t role off the tongue. Kind of like the book/movie ‘Apt Pupil’.

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