My Long Lost Winter Slumber is Over

That title doesn’t make sense unless you realize I am referring to my favorite TV show, “Lost.”  It returns soon.  The ad campaign has begun.  The fun clues and fake websites have also begun.


Another New Lost Blog, I just found.    Lost Giddy


9 thoughts on “My Long Lost Winter Slumber is Over

  1. Brian, when LOST comes back on we will both watch, then you tell me what it was about on your blog. That is the most confusing show I have ever seen, yet I will sit there and watch it, why! because my wife does. she doesn’t understand what is going on either. I believe there are subliminal messages saying (watch even If it makes no sense) People who watch religiously have so much time invested they hate to give up. Well I’ve come this far, why not? Are they all dead and in hell or what?

  2. Trey mentioned the word “Dallas”, now that was a show, I understood what J.R. and Sue Ellen were all about. I think they should rerun that series, at least every five years, yeah!!

  3. Brian

    i dont’ get all the angst and complaints, if you aren’t enjoying the ride, you shouldn’t be watching anyway. i like the characters, no matter the mythology, and am curious to see how and where they end up when it’s all over.

  4. if your slumber is over, are you going to be posting any time soon? you know, some of us actually like reading what you write … as long as it’s NOT about LOST!

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