Guitar Noobery

Don’t worry. That’s not a bad word.  The slang term, “noob” is just a variant of “newbie” which you all have heard.

Finally bought a guitar!!  GC (Guitar Center) gave me their online price, so the one I wanted online was in my price range and in the store.  I bought a DVD for learning basics and a humidifier.  I put off everything else because I only had money for that, even though I really needed to get more accoutrements (again, not a bad word).

So, I didn’t even get to play with it all day because I was busy.  I waited till I got home at 9 last night and tried to tune it using a neat online tuner.  I failed miserably.  I must be tone deaf.  I can recognize notes although I can’t sing them correctly, so I assumed I would be able to tune it.

So, for the record:  Day 1 of guitar ownership

  • it stayed in my closet all day hiding from the kids
  • I spent 45 minutes trying to tune it, a little frustrated, but not deterred

Today, while my wife was gone, I went to Sam Ash to get a tuner.  It’s cool, has a battery, you play the note, the line points straight up and the light turns green when it is in tune.  Beautiful. Although I put it on the credit card and hope to pay it off with Christmas money.  Shhh!!

After tuning one string, I moved on with my plucking but apparently didn’t move on with my turning, so I broke the first string I had tuned by tightening it too much while thinking I was tuning the second string.


Great!  I didn’t buy extra strings (remember the money limitations).  So, now I sit at home, with the family gone, and am tempted to go back to either GC or Sam Ash to get strings.  Oh yeah, and a pegwinder.  You need a pegwinder to string a guitar.  I am learning all these cool terms like “action” and “pegwinder.”  And amazingly, none of them are dirty words.  Go figure.

I will let you know if Marisa leaves me because of my increasingly expensive guitar obsession.

And I just want to practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s all!!  Good grief!


Update.  Just got back from Sam Ash and bought the stuff I needed plus a couple of books.

Guitar situation:  awesome

Marital situation:  up in the air

Does anyone have Greg England’s or Patrick Mead’s cell phone number?? I might need guitar-related marriage counseling. (JK)


7 thoughts on “Guitar Noobery

  1. nb

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wish you the best on the guitar situation. I hope that one of the books you purchased was titled “How to Play Very Romantic Guitar Songs in Less than a Day”. It may be your only hope. 🙂

  2. I use a pegwinder simply because it’s easier but didn’t have one for about 30 years. I think someone actually gave me one and then when I bought a set of strings once the winder was included.

    Be patient!!! Take small steps so that you feel good about your progress rather than wishing you were immediately better. Get ready for your fingertips to hurt like the devil! You have to develop those callouses to play for any length of time and to play well.

    My best advice … find someone who does play and will be willing to show you some things to help you learn. I’ve always managed to get with those who are better than I am so I can be challenged to improve. But not everyone who is better is willing to take you under their wing, but it is worth the effort to find that person or those persons!

    Playing guitar is an incredible way to relax … and to allow praise to flow from your heart to God, though that’s not a necessity.

  3. Brian

    thanks, greg, good advice, i thought of you but didn’t have your email and didn’t leave a comment pertaining to this.

    hope you have voted for your favorite chord, as well.

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