Kiva Loan-Executive Decision

Well, since I was having difficulty with the scarcity of loan opportunities, I jumped on the first one from South American that I saw.  We are supporting a group in Bolivia!  With funds raised from the Official 2009 Blogprophet Calendar auction, plus a few more monies, we have $175 towards the total loan amount.

You can go HERE if you have a Kiva account and get the full information, but I will post the description. I left the Spanish version so Tim Archer can verify it for us and make sure they aren’t selling drugs or something.

We are helping the RUTH MAMANI Group in El Alto / La Paz, Bolivia!

There is a center in the villa Tejada area that goes by the same name. It pertains to the San Gabriel Association, a charming group comprised of fourteen women who have been working in an organized manner for a long time. The members of the association partake in different business activities. One of them has a guesthouse in which she offers lunch everyday, other members sell watches and other accessories, while still other members sell aprons, clothing and other goods. Because of the holiday season, they want to sell Christmas ornaments, lights, and other products that are easily sold this season. They need more capital to purchase merchandise so that they can expand their businesses and increase their profits.

Translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Casian, Kiva Volunteer
En la zona de villa Tejada, se encuentra ubicado el centro focal del mismo nombre, a este pertenece la asociación “San Gabriel “.Un grupo muy simpático y particular formado por catorce mujeres que trabajan de manera organizada hace mucho tiempo. Las actividades que realiza la asociación, son de todo tipo, una de ellas tiene una pensión, donde ofrece almuerzos todos los días, también se dedican a venta de relojes y otros accesorios; venta de mandiles, venta de ropa y otros. Ahora por las fiestas navideñas, además de la venta tradicional de sus productos, quieren vender adornos navideños, focos y otros productos que sean fácilmente comercializados por estas fechas.Por lo que necesitan mayor capital para la compra de mercadería, para poder ampliar sus negocios y generar mayores ingresos.


Kiva Loan Update

There are actually a low number of people to loan to right now. They really screen the people, I guess. I may change our voting and just list 3-5 options within a day or so and we can choose whom to help.

I think they actually have to many lenders and too few people to loan to.  That’s a nice problem.  So, I may have to jump on a opportunity as it arises and loan the money before someone else does.  Wierd.

Christmas Songs

Since I failed miserably at John Dobb’s me-me, I wanted to think more about CHRISTmas music and post some thoughts.

First of all, my favorite silly Christmas songs:

  • Chipmunks, “Please Christmas, Don’t be Late”
  • “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”
  • “Domenic the Italian Donkey”

My secular Christmas songs are mostly pop tunes:

  • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
  • White Christmas
  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Blue Christmas by Elvis

Now for the good stuff, Incarnation Hymns:

  • What Child is This?
  • Angels We Have Heard on High
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • Chorus of Bells

Let the FUN Begin!

Here are the votes that each person has.  You have the same amount per round.  I can’t use the wordpress Poll function because you all have different number of votes (kinda like Chicago politics).

Tucker—10 votes
Tommy (TMdub)–9
Paula-4                                          These people vote in comments.
John Dobbs–4
Jim Hughes–1
Free to Live–1

(Did I forget anyone else who linked to my auction?)

But I will also add the voting function for whomever wants to vote.  The winner of that poll will only count as one vote for the winning continent.

Please place your votes for the Continent/Region by Saturday  night:

South America
Central America

Sunday, we will begin selecting a nation or smaller region, then, the individual or group who gets the money.  Tommy has already paid up, we are still waiting on Tuck.

Merry Christmas (Auction is Over)

Congrats to Steve Tucker and TMDub.

I decided early on to award calendars to the two top bidders. So, unless someone was only bidding to drive up the amount and didn’t really want to pay up, we have our two winners.

Don’t forget, the real winners haven’t been decided yet. Tomorrow we will begin the deciding process and who gets the money.
I plan to use paypal if that’s okay for you two, and add some of my own money. If anyone wants to chip in $5 or $10, that’s cool, although it would be best if you just did $25 and opened your own kiva account.

Disclaimer: Yes, the money we loan will be returned to my account within a year or so.  I won’t spend it, though.  I will either have another vote to re-loan the money or return it to the winners so they can loan it in their own Kiva account.