Kiva Loan Update

There are actually a low number of people to loan to right now. They really screen the people, I guess. I may change our voting and just list 3-5 options within a day or so and we can choose whom to help.

I think they actually have to many lenders and too few people to loan to.  That’s a nice problem.  So, I may have to jump on a opportunity as it arises and loan the money before someone else does.  Wierd.


3 thoughts on “Kiva Loan Update

  1. The entrepreneur list seems to come in waves. Sometimes it is slim and sometimes there are 35+ pages. I think the partner lending companies update the site with swathes of applicants all at once and that causes this phenomenon.

    – Schev

  2. Brian

    btw–South America is the winner, but I will try to find 2-5 options from south america, if we were to vote on a nation, there might not be an option from that country for a while.

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