Welcome 2009!

I am not real big on resolutions and such.  I do have two things I want to dedicate regular time to in this coming year and both begin with the letter “G.”

Guitar–I am progressing slowly.  I am mainly working on chord progressions and still just trying to get comfortable with it.  Soon, I plan to start learning to play the melody and I want to get sheet music for a song and start trying to learn it.  By the way, I never answered but I think “G” is my favorite chord.


Greek–I bought a couple of Greek tools and really want to work more at it.  I did well in class and feel that God has blessed me with language skills that I should be using more.  Plus I love to study.

If you even know a little about Greek, you will crack up at this video/song about Koine Greek.

An exciting side note, I cleaned up a room at the church building to use as a study.  I have already moved most of my Greek stuff there.  I don’t need an office because there is one in the building which is a community office and fine for doing secretarial stuff and even pastoral things like phone calls; plus my comp at the house is downstairs surrounded by my books, but is also in the same room as my kids’ play area.  I didn’t need another office, but I did need a study–a place without a phone, with a locked door, with a desk and no computer to pray and read and study.  I may call it my Sabbath-Room.


Here’s the first link of the year.

It is about spiders and their mating habits.  So, if you are squeamish about spiders or sex organs, don’t read it.  If you are squeamish about both (which I imagine a large number of us are), sorry for even bringing it up.  But God did create/design this so it is interesting.

Spiders have some seriously creepy sex habits

After learning that there is such a thing as a “blood-drinking jumping spider” I may never sleep again, and will certainly never visit East Africa.


Carb Fast Continues

I have decided to not only continue my French Fry Fast another month but to also exclude all potatos!  So, for the month of January, I will not enjoy fries, chips, potato soup, mashed potatoes, tater tots, fried potato thingies from the Italian deli, etc. and etc.   Pray for me and my wife for those days I am grumpy and craving spuds.



I am pretty much down to 3 TV shows that I am interested in.

The “Life” cliffhanger finale was fantastic.  Almost on par with a good Lost episode.  Lost begins in a few weeks (20 days, 8 hours, 11 minutes) and I am pumped.

Here is someone who has seen the first two episodes of the new season.

I still occasionally watch House online but am at least a month behind.

TV's coolest cop
TV's coolest cop
Dani Reese
Dani Reese


I am working on a big list of my favorite songs from the 80s.  That should be a blog post this first week of the year.  Be looking for it.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  May we all grow closer to our Father and His Son, Jesus in 2009!


5 thoughts on “Welcome 2009!

  1. Glad you guys had a good group last night–sorry we weren’t able to make it! B and I turned in at about 12:01.;) We’re old. Happy New Year! Oh, and we’re about to eat some baked potato soup in your honor!;)

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