File Sharing-The Blogprophet shares

Hey, I added some neat new stuff to my blog.  What the Hay!  It’s a new year.  On the right column you can watch some of my favorite videos.

On the left column, all the way at the bottom are a list of pdf files of Bible Studies I have written that you are welcome to take and use.

Disclaimer: I may be wrong.  There may be typos. They are not perfect, but hopefully will be useful to someone.

The Inter-Testamental Study that has been requested a lot is there. Now, I won’t email it, just download it yourself.

Getting Started is a 9-page study for New Christians.  Pretty much self-explanatory.

The Gospel according to Paul is an outline of Romans that will be helpful for preaching, teaching, or just reading Paul’s great letter.

Salvation in Jesus was written for middle school kids at camp.  It is a brief and basic overview of salvation (doesn’t deal with sanctification,  more initial salvation) and would be great for evangelism.

The How To Study file is also 9 pages.  It gives a summary of the Inductive Bible Study Method, how to study the Word with simply a Bible and pen and paper (and prayer and humility).  It includes some of my notes on Ephesians and my personal outline of 1 John.  Ends with a bibliography.

And the one I am most proud of, All About the Bible.  It is a summary of the Book, covers inspiration, authority, prophecy, external/internal evidences, lists of OT quotes in the NT, and a study of Isaiah 53.  I may also upload Isaiah 53 study as it’s own file.

I hope to share more studies and will usually let you know when it is updated.

Download and enjoy.  If you try to make money off of something I wrote (although I would be surprised), I will hunt you down and kill you, after prosecuting you to within an inch of your life.

God bless you!


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