Ye Olde Linkes Shoppe

Here’s some stuff to keep you busy, distracted from work, entertained for a few moments:

Taking a nap is better than caffeine!  Dr. Mednick is my hero! Take a Nap!


I know where I’ll be on May 1st…watching the Wolverine movie!  This trailer gave me chills.


Some twitter humour:  Historical Tweets by presidents, etc.


Do you want an online To-Do list??  Try Wipee.


Challenging (and Biblical) Thoughts on Worship


Having trouble praying? Prayer books are great or there’s always the Bible example.


27 Blogging Secrets–help for your blog.


I have been reading and studying the Proverbs since the New Year.  In looking back at 5 years of preaching and teaching, the Wisdom Lit is the one area I have neglected the most.  I plan to preach out of Proverbs on Sunday nights this summer.  Here is a quote from a really good resource (so far), David A Hubbard’s commentary on Proverbs (I have the Communicator’s Commentary, but I assume the Mastering the OT series is good too).

“Taking care to understand how to read the Bible is as important as trusting in its power and authority.”  (p. 44)


Blog you later, I am off to take a nap!


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