Are We in a Blog Recession?

Maybe everyone is still recovering from the Holidays.

Maybe some have made New Year’s Resolutions to do other things besides the internet.  I haven’t been chatting as much so I can sleep better/more.

Whatever happened, it seems to me that posts and comments are down in 2009.  The trend is discouraging.

What are we going to do?

Save us Trey Morgan!  Save us John Dobbs!

Save us President-Elect Obama!

Has anyone else noticed this or am I an alarmist?

My traffic is down, but that could just be me.


25 thoughts on “Are We in a Blog Recession?

  1. I’ve noticed it and am part of it. I’m not sure it is all bad. I think we’re paying a little more attention to real life.

    That being said, in recessions people tend to centralize their existence. They think locally more and spend more time with people around them. In prosperous times we’re out exploring the galaxy and the far reaches of the interwebs.

  2. Brian

    tim, i was hoping our Christian Government would respond in love and kindness and generosity and buy all of us laptops.

    thanks for not calling me stupid (“it’s the economy, stupid”)

  3. My blog reading is down, my weight is up, my twittering is down, my cholesterol is up, my computer time is down, my net worth is , …no it’s down too. Man, I think you are right!

  4. I started to say, We need a Blog Average that resembles the Dow. But then I realized that my blog would be compared to Lehman Brothers.

  5. Brian

    you guys are cheering me up during this bleak times.

    I am enjoying this so much, I am going to type entire expression:

    “rolling on floor laughing out loud”

    I wanted to put the extra effort in since you have amused me so…

  6. wjcsydney

    Brian, does typing out the whole expression make you extra-nerdy? Or are you so cool that nerdishness doesn’t matter? I think the latter!

    I have made a few blog posts this week – I’m trying to compensate for my blog hiatus when we were away vacationing and Christmas-ing and birthday partying.

  7. Don

    I personally have sloooowed waaaay down because I have not Hope of Changing anything on the blogosphere 😉

  8. Brian

    DOONNNNNNNNNNNN!!! you should at least comment, been missing you.

    you actually believed you could change people in the blogosphere??? ahhahahahhahahahahhaha!

  9. Blogprophet the magnificent——-
    how intuitieve this post is–nah….not really, I have been trying to blog but life has been holding me back. Things are better and so I am going to do better too.

    Don—–that makes me sad–and it is not true. You make me think and sometimes you make me change my thinking. I am just not as e-verbal as some of your other commenters.

    The best thing about blogging and being a part of this community is the different insights that challenge and encourage us. I try to be one of that kind of bloggers and most of the blogs I read do just that—challenge and encourage.

    Life just throws some curves sometimes.


  10. Don

    That was for the most part a thing on “HOPE” and “CHANGE” 😉

    BUT, the fact is that most people believe what they are told to believe by those who or by that which makes them fit in the most and that is an unchangeable situation.

  11. J D

    Think people are trying to refocus their online time? I know I want to do better… not saying I am … but I want to. Kind of.

  12. WELL, don’t I feel guilty now. 😛 I tried to post often last week, and hope I can keep up this week, but I got into a few books and organizing a party for my son, also have 2 Bible classes a week to prepare for (told ya I wanted to be a preacher), so I haven’t been on the computer as much. My time on the computer was sent reading emails and trying to blogs a few times — I haven’t been to anyone else’s blogs, though! Am trying to catch up a little today. 🙂

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