Bulletin Satire

I put this in today’s bulletin.  Do you think people will get the point?  Do you think I will still have a job Monday morning?  Is satire okay to use in the bulletin?

At our monthly men’s meeting, we decided that while having the roof worked on, we would also add a drive-thru window to west side of the church building.

This will enable you to “do church” without even leaving your car. You can drive-up, be handed the bread and fruit of the vine, have a brief prayer, hand in your offering, get a sermon or CD or cassette to listen to in your car and be on your merry way. We are all so busy and have so much to do, we thought this would help everyone out.

Not only will you not have to leave your car, you won’t have to talk to anyone. You won’t have to endure any lengthy sermons, prayers, songs, etc. Consider it “church-lite” for the busy disciple. You won’t be slowed down by relationships and fellowship.


11 thoughts on “Bulletin Satire

  1. Brian, some people just don’t get satire. To folks who are a little too serious, it can seem flip or irreverant, even when they sort of get it. Did you ever read Gary Freeman’s book “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven.”? It’s some of the best satire done by and about our people.

  2. NB

    Hey, my comment diappeared so I’m trying it again. Apologies if it appears twice.

    Just my opinion, but, people probably can’t handle satire in the church bulletin. In some situations, people could probably handle hearing you say this, but they probably can’t handle reading it in print. It’s similar to email – feeling, tone and intention can easily be misinterpreted.

  3. Brian

    it seems to be dangerous. i think it is a powerful teaching tool for younger and postmods, i love the onion and larknews.

    but I also understand older generations and some people just don’t get it, and others really don’t like it.

    so far, got good responses to the bulletin “announcement”

    only two people confused, that I know about.

    NB, you are correct about the written word, with the smirk and wink, things are easily misunderstood

    i did actually put a smiley face after my name in the bulletin, but one sweet lady said, “well, I hadn’t got to that yet” when she was confused and asking her husband about it.

  4. Jeanne M.

    I do wish you would stop cataloguing people. I got the satire first time and thought it might go over with some people – no age bias – because they are too busy for attachments.

  5. Don

    Jeanne M,

    Haven’t you heard? This last generation invented:

    and the internet

    oh and absolute knowledge that nothing can truly be known……. 🙂

  6. Hurreliaopera

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

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