Brian Hates Divorce

Much like with funerals–every death reminds us of our mortality–every divorce should remind us of the importance, yet frailty of our marriage.

I just got confirmation that a couple that is very special to Marisa and me is now divorced.  And it hurts.  As it should.  Sin is ugly.  We still love them and they are still special to us.  We aren’t hurting as much as they are, but it still hurts.

When God said, “I hate divorce,” (Malachi 2:16), what was he saying?

Is God a meanie, who hates divorced people?  NO!

Is God a Holy Judge, who decides right and wrong? YES!

Does God grieve and hurt with every broken marriage covenant? YES!

Part of that verse is that Divorce Hurts.  That’s one reason (maybe not the only one) that God hates it so much.  He hates it in the same way that you and I hate it.  Because of the children.  Because of the awkwardness and sadness.  Because of the pain and suffering that is only beginning.  Because of the broken covenant.

Too bad we don’t hate all sin as much as we hate this one.  It’s easy to hate this one.  This one hurts.  Maybe someday, we will hate the sins that make us feel good as much as the ones that make us feel bad.

“That’s all I have to say about that.”