Tell Brian What to Do on His Day Off (poll)

I usually take Thursdays off completely.  I usually goof off and can’t decided what to do.  I mainly am thinking about what to do between 1 and 3 when both kids are in Pre-K.  I have been reading “Lives of the Caesars” by Seutonius, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” by Meeker and of course I could read my Bible-English and/or Greek (which I will do at some point).  I haven’t practiced guitar in over a week.  I have lost my callouses. I do have a meeting tonight and a couple of other things I need to do today.

It’s 16 degrees and snowing outside.

Vote for your choice and it may have already happened by the time you vote, but vote anyway:


17 thoughts on “Tell Brian What to Do on His Day Off (poll)

  1. c3andp

    I voted for practicing the guitar and then found that this was the most popular recommendation. We are advising you to be true to your Twitter picture. We also remember how enthused you were when you first got your guitar and want you to follow through with guitar success.

  2. Brian

    wow, thanks for the guilt trip, C3. 🙂

    that is good advice, very biblical, reminding me of my initial faith and commitment to my epiphone…


    Tim, i will probably play with kids in snow at some point, and I will definitely read, and technically I already blogged today, so it may come down to watch a movie or practice guitar between 1 and 3…

  3. Brian

    aaahhhhhhhh….royce…I like how you think…
    I got a del mccoury CD for christmas and have been enjoying it immensely

  4. Brian

    lol! i love it! frank, as a matter of fact, i have been singing our phone number to my kids, i come up with a pretty good tune while I was bored and they were taking baths, I want to write some music, as well, but none of the 5-6 chords I know sound good with it.

    I am still reading about Tiberius, so if I write a song, it will be him. interesting fella

  5. Brian

    guitar is winning…in the poll and my decision (the two weren’t really closely linked)

    ran errands, got lunch, still need to read bible with the wife and clean the bath/shower. but heading up now to play with my epiphone pr-150

    Enjoy your day!

  6. I think you should get a plane ticket and fly to Charlotte on an airplane and then land in the Hudson river then get off and get on a plane and fly to Nebraska for the day and hang with me and we could sing a song about my phone number and then you could fly back home in time for supper.

  7. Ha ha, I like Tucker’s advice (except we can skip the landing in the Hudson part)…I’ll meet ya’ll there since I am not making it to Tulsa 😉

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