MLK, Obama, Lincoln,and Roe v Wade

I attended a community program in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday and enjoyed it immensely.  The speaker has lived in our town about 30 years but grew up in Birmingham, AL.  He marched with Dr. King as a teenager.  He knew the man.  He spent time in jail for demonstrating without a permit.  He knew personally at least one of the families of the four little girls who died in the church bombing.  He spoke about getting a job after JFK passed the civil rights bill, and how he made three times as much money as his own father.  It was amazing to listen to someone who lived through all of that.

Today, our 44th President will be sworn in.  Although I didn’t vote for him (or the other guy), and although I don’t agree with some of his philosophies and opinions, he is likable, I have a good impression of him and want him to do well.  I will definitely be praying for him.  I intend to set aside time to watch History being made.

I am happy for African-Americans who have endured the last 50+ years and rejoice with them that our nation has made a decision that only Dr. King and very few dreamed possible 4o years ago.  Sure, I would have been happier with a social conservative like Alan Keyes or Colin Powell, but I don’t want to dampen the joy and excitement of anyone.

Thursday, January 22nd,  is another significant day in America history.  In 1973, the US Supreme Court decided on that date, in the matter of Roe v Wade, that the government cannot prohibit/restrict abortion in most cases.

I don’t care much about politics.  I don’t care much about the economy.  I don’t care about Republicans or Democrats.  I really don’t care what our government allows or doesn’t allow regarding homosexual couples.

I do care about unborn children.

150 years ago, there was a group of people in this nation who had no rights.  They were treated as property.  They had a lesser value than animals.  They could be killed without any consequences from the police or government.

Praise God that He worked among his people, in our nation and others, to abolish institutionalized slavery in our country (sadly, it still exists, but at least is illegal–GO HERE if you don’t believe me).

Today in America, with an African-American President, there is STILL a class of people who have no rights.  They are treated as the property of their mother.  They are too often treated worse than animals.  They can be murdered without any consequences/repercussions by the police or the government…AND IT IS LEGAL!!!!!  Much like 150 years ago.

President Abraham Lincoln didn’t run for President on the platform of freeing the slaves.  God worked in our nation and in his life to bring about emancipation and the end of institutionalized slavery.

My prayer for President Barack Obama– in addition to praying for his safety, health, wisdom, decisions, etc–is that his heart will be touch by God and circumstances will arise so that he can follow the example of his hero and favorite president, that he will stand up for the weak and helpless who are unborn.

No one remembers Lincoln’s economic policies.  He is not honored as a great American and great President more than a hundred years after his death because of his foreign policy.

I wonder what Dr. King would have said…No, I wonder what Dr. King would have done…about abortion if he had lived to see Roe v. Wade and all that has happened since.  That is the only complaint I have about the great speaker on Monday.  As he spoke as a man who personally knew Dr. King, he made many wonderful points about , “What Would Martin Do?”  but unless I missed it, he made no statements about abortion.

It can happen.  This is my dream.  I dream of a day when abortion will no longer be a form of birth control.  I dream of a day when adoption is easier and cheaper for those who can’t have children and for Christians who want to help orphans.  I dream of a day when abortion is a last resort in rare situations.

Please pray with me for our country

and our President

and for the innocents who continue to be slaughtered.