Calm Down, People

My thoughts on the continual whining that I am getting sick of hearing

“Too much adoration” “He’s just another president.”

Yes, I am sometimes uncomfortable with the praise and expectations that our President receives from his adoring fans.  But think with me for a moment…

If a guy (or gal) from your town, your church, your college wins the election someday, and you also agree wholeheartedly with the majority of his beliefs and opinions, you might be a little excited, as well.  You might be enthusiastic, go overboard in joy.

If a church of Christ minister were ever elected president (it happened once, who knows), there would be mass hysteria among some of the same people who are griping and complaining now about what they see on their TVs.

Now, on top of that.  Open your history book.  Accept the ugliness of our race problems in the past.  I don’t know what it is like to live as a black man in American–today or 40 years ago.  You can’t relate to what the older generations have been through.  You don’t know what if feels like to be treated as an outsider and unwelcome in your homeland.  You can’t relate to being told where to eat, where to sit, whom to marry.

The election of an African-American to the highest office in the land is a tangible sign of progress for black Americans that they, even today, sorely needed.

Cut them some slack.  Be happy for them. Even though you don’t agree with his policies, don’t be hypocrite.  If someone from your close circle was in his place, you might be buying hats and shedding tears yourself.

Rev Racist Benediction

I personally wasn’t offended by Rev. Lowery’s poem/prayer at the end of his benediction at the inauguration.  But I noticed the storm on the interwebs in response to his statement, “that the white will do right.”

We think that some people are always “bringing race into it,” “playing the race card,” and think that “everything is about race.”

Ironically, we forget that for the majority of that man’s life he was told by the US government and by our society that everything was about his race.

  • Where he could eat, and not eat
  • Whom he could marry
  • Which fountain he could drink from
  • Where to sit on the bus
  • Whether he could vote or not
  • What job he could have

Our ugly past created this situation and Sin, as it always does, echoes consequences throughout generations.  Sure, God forgives, but the scars remain.  It’s the same with child abuse or divorce.

Maybe it would help us to remember that white America in the past created a monster, and so today, we might still have to listen to statements like the Rev made during his benediction.  By the way, do you really want to reject someone’s prayers for you do do what’s right??  Get your pride out of the way, and it’s not so evil and racist.

Even if it is a sign that he has not forgiven, maybe you should look deep into your heart and find the person in your life that you haven’t forgiven, instead of attacking him.

Deal with it.  Get over it. Maybe within another generation or so, it will improve, and both sides can put our ugly past further away from our minds.

But for the many who lived and suffered through it, let’s show some patience and mercy.

In Conclusion,

It’s obvious that some of you can’t stand the man.  I admit that I can’t stand some of his beliefs.  Please try not to be such sore losers, so whiny, so bitter.  Accept it and move on.  Focus your energy on the issues you are concerned about instead of attacking everyone.


11 thoughts on “Calm Down, People

  1. You did say that very well. Thanks. I didn’t hear the poem/prayer or whatever, though, so I don’t really have a clue what you’re talking about. 🙂

  2. Ellen

    He only said that the right would do right because it rhymed. He also said that yellow should be mellow. Is he advocating drug use for Asians? Or accusing them of being overly uptight? Again, it rhymed. I missed out on all the commentary, so I didnt realize there were people up in arms over it. I am not, however, surprised. But as he started that part of the prayer I asked myself, “hmm, what is he going to rhyme with white?” I thought it was clever. Then I started of thinking of what the alternative would be.

    “that the white would suffer a blight”
    “that the white would go fly a kite”
    “that the white would fall from a great hight”
    “that the white would take the long day’s journey into night”
    “that the white would be outta sight”

    I could go on, but I’m clogging up your comment area. Anyway, I agree with what you said. People need to relax.

  3. James A. Garfield was a popular evangelist in the Campbell movement. Right, Adam, before the split. Also, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan both had Disciple connections.

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