Person of the Day–Todd Deaver

Todd Deaver has written an interesting book that I have yet to read but am very excited about.  From reading his blog, it’s easy to see that he is a serious thinker and a talented writer.  Very clear.  Very precise. Very logical.

His book, Facing our Failure:  The Fellowship Dilemma in Conservative Churches of Christ, has already begun stirring up great discussion.

Check out his blog, which deals with his book, and responding to reviews and questions:  Bridging the Grace Divide

And these other reviews, opinions, comments:

John Dobbs’ Review

Jay Guin Review : includes links to Gil  Yoder, Al Maxey, Nick Gill reviews

Matt Dabbs Comments

Expect a review from me after I read the book.


3 thoughts on “Person of the Day–Todd Deaver

  1. Tucker

    I find it ironic that I just sent in my order yesterday, come here and find you talk about it. I find myself in an unique situation as one who walked the same journey as Mr. Deaver and existing in a church that probably needs to read this book. I’m as excited as you to obtain my copy.

  2. Deaver’s book raises some valuable questions, but unfortunately the answers/logic will likely lead to further denominationalism among the churches of Christ.

    Deaver’s desire and intent to foster communication and fellowship is admirable, but I believe untenable among those in the Stone-Campbell churches, since most will reach a point where they cannot agree to disagree.

    Churches who review this book would do well to consider if they want to move away from what they have previously known, and step into regions which are unfamiliar. Preachers who serve under elderships need to remember to submit to those bishops and not presume to present it to the flock among whom they serve without prior approval.

    Unity was defined as beginning with the list in Ephesians 4. The book focuses more on showing disharmony and I thought that to be unproductive to fostering unity. But that is just my assessment.

    Peace to all, and may the Lord illumine all our hearts to His truth so that we can have the peace that only comes by agreement in The Truth.

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