Lost Links Has Returned!!

Lost is back.  I am excited. Last week set the stage, we can expect the pace to pick up tonight.  I can’t wait for the next “NO WAY!” experience.

A Great Recap of the Opener.  Includes thoughts such as, what if the whispers in the jungle are when a character’s past self and present self are in the same place?!

Cuse and Lindelof interview

My predictions for Season 5

  • We will get to see Rousseau arriving on the island on Black Rock.
  • Sawyer dies by the end of the season, heroically like Charlie, most likely in the finale.
  • Season finale is the Oceanic 6 either back on the island, or finally assembled to return.

4 thoughts on “Lost Links Has Returned!!

  1. After reading this blog….I am lost? Shouldn’t you be taking about saving the lost instead of watching lost people stay lost in a country that is lost? Hum….that is what I thought.

    They need one of those little mall maps that say, “You are here.”

    God bless

  2. Brian

    good one, trey
    i was watching that final episode of Newhart when it aired.

    loved, Larry, Daryl, and Daryl
    the actor that played larry, has connections with Western kentucky

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