LOST Update: Jeremy Bentham

Jensen’s Preview:  What you should have read before watching on Wednesday evening.  Still has great info.

Jensen’s Recap: A quote:

To be honest, I was surprised to see Locke resurrected so quickly. Whenever I envisioned his reanimation, I always saw it at the end of an episode — a big reveal, a swell of Michael Giacchino score, and then BONG!…title card. Nope. We got the Risen Locke right away, in a moment that belongs on a clip reel of Quasi-Mystical Pop Culture Characters Who Introduce Themselves With A Dramatic Removal Of An Oversized Hoody. (See: Obi Wan Kenobi; Gandalf; Spock in the original Star Trek movies.)

Tom on Life with Mrs. B from Facts of Life:

A recent episode of Life, my second favorite TV show, had Tom appear, again as a bad guy, biker dude.  His mother, played by the lady from Facts of Life, got scammed, so he scammed the scammers.  I still get chills thinking about Sawyer shooting him in cold blood.

“That’s for takin the boy off the raft.”

The weird sky behind Hurley at Santa Rosa  Mental Facility

Did anyone else notice the Hawaiian skyline above Hurley’s Mental Facility behind the haze and occasional flashes of white?  I don’t know if it was a hazy day or some remastering to hide the local background which may or may not be similar to Santa Rosa, CA.  I doubt it is plot related, but I did notice it.

A good ep, but not a great one.

For some reason I didn’t enjoy this ep as much as I thought I would.  Maybe my expectations were too high.  I knew from the previews that Locke was alive on the island.  There was some interesting background about Widmore and a shocking scene with Ben.  We knew Locke would die, but we only thought we knew how.  But overall, it was filler, part of the story that had to be told.

Most interesting quote from the ep:

Charles Widmore: ”There’s a war coming, John, and if you’re not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.”


Little Girls and Melodrama


I was just curious and wanted to ask all of you who are raising/have raised little girls if you recognize this kind of behavior.  I am hoping and assuming it is normal, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

My three year old princess has been mopey and whiny lately.  Anytime we tell her to do something that she doesn’t want to do, or rebuke her for doing something she shouldn’t be doing, or deny her something she wants, she is going all serious on us.  No screaming, rarely crying, just whining.

She has this droopy and sad face that kinda looks like “I want you to die” and then kinda looks like “I am pitiful and sad.”  I hope to get a picture of it some day.  (Well, well, well.  How convenient.  She just wanted her brother to play with her and would not let go of him, we told her to let go, and I snapped this foto.)

what a face!
what a face!

In addition to the faces (which I try really hard not to laugh at but they are cute), she wants to be held.  The other day while the wife was holding her, she was still mad and wouldn’t look at or talk to her mother.  We are trying to find the balance between being sensitive to her sensitivity and not allowing her to be spoiled and get her way every time she responds this way.

I have intentionally not held her when she was moping this way.

Anyone else familiar with this? Got any stories?  Any ideas?

Tozer on God’s Attributes

A.W Tozer does it again:

“To magnify any attribute (of God) to the exclusion of another is to head for one of the dismal swamps of theology; and yet we are all constantly tempted to do just that.

For instance, the Bible teaches that God is love; some have interpreted this in such a way as virtually to deny that He is just, which the Bible also teaches.  Others press the Biblical doctrine of God’s goodness so far that it is made to contradict His holiness.  Or they make His compassion cancel out His truth.  Still others understand the sovereignty of God in a way that destroys or at least greatly diminishes His goodness and love.

We can hold a correct view of truth only by daring to believe everything God has said about Himself.”

That deserves a 7-fold Amen!

Big-Boned Tuesday/Mardi Gras

My wife, who grew up on the northshore of  Lake Ponchartrain, outside of New Orleans, made some yummy King Cake last night.  We are having friends over Sunday for Gumbo/Jumbalaya and more King Cake.

We really must show some mercy.  In this day and age, how can we refer to this Tuesday as “Fat?”  I suggest changing the name to either “obese” or “overweight” or, my first choice, “Big-Boned Tuesday.”

I must continue my annual Lent tradition.

In Honor of Lent, I will give up all Lint for the next 40 days.  This includes bellybutton, pocket, and dryer lint.

David Letterman, Joaquin Phoenix, & Ben Stiller

I have enjoyed this so much.

The interview on Letterman.  Apparently Joaquin has a history of weirdness.  (BTW-I spelled his name the only way I know that I learned from St. Louis Cardinal pitcher in the 1980s, Joaquin Andujar)

And here is Ben Stiller’s impersonation at the Oscars.  I love Natalie Portman’s response, “you look like you work in a Hasidic Meth lab?”