Hey, it’s just me on a Thursday. (Lost Spoilers)

The obvious winner of the Poll is “The Shack.”  I may not read it next.  The Poll question technically stated, “What book SHOULD I read next?” not which book WILL I read next.  As always, the final decision comes down to me.  We all know that “should do” is not always the reality.

Tomorrow, there will be a person of the day.  Be looking for that.

WOW!  What about Lost?!  I felt the first half last night was a little slow, but the second half was POW!….BANG!….ZOOOM!

I am so glad Jin is still alive.  And did I call it or did I call?  A young and very pregnant Rousseau made her appearance.

Here is a good recap from Doc Jensen at EW.com

Next week will be book review week at the Blogprophet blog (that’s this one you are reading right now).

I will finally post on Todd Deaver’s book, Facing our Failures.  I hope he gets out of Henderson, TN, alive.  He is at FHU Lectureships.  Hopefully, my review will not be “In Memoriam”.  Also, I hope Brother Deaver is honored to have his watershed (hopefully) book reviewed by the same blog that recently reviewed Monster Ballads: Platinum Edition.  Doesn’t get much better than that!?!!?!!

I also want to share about “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.”  Great book for dads of girls.

I may also post on Lives of the Caesars, even though I will not be finished.  But some sick and twisted examples from Tiberius and Caligula are always entertaining.

I also got a book from Nelson Publishing that I am going to review (but not next week).  If I blog about it, post reviews on Amazon, etc.,  I will get another free book to review.  I love reading.  I love blogging.  I love blogging about books. I love getting free books.  This is awesome.

I hope your week is going well.


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