Person of the Day–Bobby V

Preacher, Blogger, Biker, author, rocker, scholar.  The only negative thing I can think of to say about Bobby Valentine is that he uses blogger/blogspot instead of wordpress.

Go see his blog here:

I appreciate that he sent me a book and some sermons on CD that were really good, though hardly knowing me.  I loved “Kingdom Come” and highly recommend it.

I admire him for how he has handled difficulties that Satan has thrown his way in the last years.

Maybe the one thing that attracted me to his blog and what I appreciate most is his love, respect, and teaching on the Old Testament writings-Genesis through Malachi.

He is fighting against the spirit of Marcion in the church.  He preaches from and recognizes the beauty, truth, and significance of those writings in an age where many would prefer to sweep them under the rug.  And does all that while still preaching grace (even from the OT).

Thanks, Bobby, for all that you do.  Hang in there.  Keep up the great blogging and great preaching.  Many are praying for you.

By the way, wanna write a book with me?  I have already begun working “Marcion among churches of Christ.”


10 thoughts on “Person of the Day–Bobby V

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate Bobby for being given the honor of having your blog dedicated to him…Wait maybe I should change the word “honor” to something else , oh well I digress.

    Bobby, if you write a book for me I’ll dedicate my blog to you too. 🙂

  2. C’mon Brian, you need a catchy title:
    “Marcion Attacks”
    “The BlogProphet vs. the Marcions”
    You get the drift.


    Oh, and I’m a Bobby V. fan as well. You chose a good man to write about.

  3. Well I’m sorta embarrassed!!! But thank you for the kind words. I am delighted to know you read KC … that makes at least three 😉 thank you for being such an encourager and I am looking forward to meeting you at Tulsa

  4. Brian

    i like “Marcion Attacks”, that is catchy, although I figure the name marcion will have to be in the subtitle (i love subtitles, that’s the key to a good book).

    you’re welcome, bobby

  5. wjcsydney

    person/parson of the day? (I read creatively without my glasses on!) Bobby V is both of those and so much more. I’m a huge Bobby V fan too.

  6. J D

    I appreciate Bobby Valentine soooo much. Once when I was doing a grad paper on hermeneutics I called Mr. Restoration Scholar just to talk to him about it. He asked a few questions. In a few days I received a GIGANTIC packet with enormous resources that were more than helpful. It had to have taken him (or someone) a day to make all those copies. Bobby and I have gone through tremendous personal storms at about the same time…yet he has taken time to encourage me. I have read most of Bobby’s writings on the apocrypha, an area into which most restoration preachers do not ever venture. Bobby preached in my home church (Luling, LA), though it was after I was long gone. I haven’t ever spent any personal time with him … we had a short meeting at Pepperdine once … that’s about it. I was going to the preacher’s retreat in Wisconsin, but Hurricane Katrina stepped into that picture and my plans (for life) changed.

    Don’t mean to gush, but since this is Bobby’s post…thought I’d share some of my reasons for loving Bobby Valentine.

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