More Studies Uploaded-A Violent God

If you look directly to the right of this post on my blog, you will see a black box with a list of pdf files.  Those are some Bible Studies that I have put together for various classes and purposes.  Feel free to download and use for personal study or preaching and teaching.

I just uploaded two studies on God:  God and Law, God and Blood

Our Wednesday evening Bible Study is in the middle of a meaty study on the person of God.  It seems that every other week we get into heated discussions.  Tonight will be one of those nights as I teach on God and Blood.

After discussing the sacrificial system and the saving Blood of Jesus, we will talk about the violence done by God or sanctioned by God in the OT writings.  And many take issue with that.  Christians, too, not just atheists like Dawkins.

Where do you fit into these four groups that I came up with?  How do you respond to our God, who is at times violent. Is there another option?

1. Ignore these passages and pretend they don’t exist.

a. This is maybe what most Christians who are aware of them do

2. Kill the Messenger: attack the Bible record, inspiration.

a. “The writers/Jews inserted God’s commands to justify their actions.”

3. Become polytheists: One god in the OT and a different god in the NT.

a. Accept that God did that, but rationalize that it occurred before the Cross, and that Jesus is different, better than the OT god (which really ignores John’s Revelation and forgets about Hell, but if you are picking your god, you might as well choose your eternity).

4. Accept God for who He is and what He has done without rationalizing, justifying, or apologizing for Him.

It all goes back to Marcion really.  I am liking that guy less and less.


4 thoughts on “More Studies Uploaded-A Violent God

  1. I’m definitely in line with #4. For me it comes down to humbling ourselves before the Word, seeking to understand what is there. If what God does doesn’t fit my understanding, my understanding is wrong.

    Isn’t that what Job learned?

  2. wjcsydney

    There is a #5 (which I can’t quite get to grips with enough to articulate yet) and that is what I am attempting to get to.

  3. I do fit under #4, but I have trouble when someone is arguing with me, when they can’t reconcile the violence with the love.

    (I don’t know how I missed it, but I just saw this post for the first time. Huh.)

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