Doc Jensen at EW recap of Lost “316”

Here is an excerpt.  Read the entire article HERE.  There is more about the Bible, Christianity, Kierkegaard, Ulysses, and Narnia in the article.

Watch the videos someday, as well.  They are funny.

It was certainly an episode explicit and implicit with deep thoughts and wild possibilities, but they were all in service of an ironic mission: Bringing Lost back down to terra firma after five episodes of challenging, far-out time-travel storytelling. ”316” — that was the title, and for many more reasons than one — was a proverbial pilot episode for a whole new chapter of the show. It effectively returned the series to a place where all fans — the in-too-deep geeks like me who want meaty mythological disclosures, as well as the normal people who just want powerful, character-driven stories — can find some common-ground appreciation. By reuniting the castaways in the setting we all know and love, and by conspicuously omitting key details from various character arcs (Why did Hurley change his mind? Who was that woman with Sayid? How did Ben get roughed up?) that will surely require some traditional flashback storytelling in order to fully reveal, Lost‘s time-traveling, time-looping, Back to the Future fifth season has now gone all Season 1 on us.

-Jeff Jensen,


One thought on “Doc Jensen at EW recap of Lost “316”

  1. Have you heard anyone make the connection between “John” Locke, “316”, and I wish you have “believed” me?!

    Interesting stuff, huh? I am loving it!!

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