Fiercely Dependent

Rugged Individualism?  Being Fiercely Independent?

That’s what the ancients were commended for. No, not the ancients of Hebrews 11 who were commended for their faith, but the ancients in American History.

The explorers. The settlers. The fur traders. The colonists who fought against King George. The pioneers who went West in covered wagons. Then the immigrants from all over Europe. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in the early 1900s. Then great business men like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and even Sam Walton.

We honor those who are fiercely independent. We praise them. We Americans have been proud of our Rugged Individualism. There’s only one problem.

These great traits can be lethal to faith and our relationship with God. Our relationship with him is based on our neediness and God’s provision. We can’t pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. We can’t just try harder and then be good enough. Salvation is rooted in God’s Love. We respond in faith.

Even thinking past our salvation, all the great works we want to accomplish are meaningless without God’s guidance, provision, and power.

God is a community and He has created the church as a community. We need Him and we need each other. We are needy. Denying or ignoring that leads to death.

My desire is to be fiercely dependent on God for everything.


3 thoughts on “Fiercely Dependent

  1. This seems to be so common, the Romans 7 attempt to find something good within us, instead of following the Romans 8 path of letting the Spirit work through us. Depending on ourselves is a no-win situation: either we fail and get down on ourselves or we succeed and become filled with pride.

    It’s definitely a struggle for me.

    Grace and peace,

  2. So true! Our culture really does place a lot of value on being self-made people who find some inner strength to accomplish great things. I think that too many Christians follow the culture, instead of looking to God for guidance on what we should value.

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