Tulsa Tweets–a Retrospective in the medium of Micro-Blogging

Even though I made fun of John Dobbs for doing this very thing, I thought it might be fun to look back over the last few days by listing all my Tulsa-related tweets (note that they are in reverse order so start at bottom):

  1. kept introducing John Dobbs as “the middle-aged man I met on the internet” while at Tulsa
  2. is experiencing the post-Tulsa crash/let-down….mainly just worn out from travel and lack of sleep..

  3. @smetheny it was cool to see troy and chat a little at the workshop

  4. added even more Tulsa pics on Facebook

  5. added two new Tulsa related posts because I might be sleeping for the next day or so: http://blogprophet.wordpres… #ISSW

  6. is at home, typing up a summary of the theme/lectures to share with my congregation tonight, if I can still stand up and stay awake

  7. Landed safely in newark. The 15 mi drive home will be the dangerous part.

  8. Safe&Sound @ airport

  9. is up early, plane leaves at 7am. be home by lunch. church this evening. Guess I will be among the “providentially hindered” this morning.

  10. Family. Fellowship. Fun. Food. Friendship. Faith!

  11. Meant to say that Trey was the most humble Texan i know, not the first.
  12. Bloguncheon was a blast!

  13. Yikes! Big snow!

  14. Report on my preacher groupie ways at Tulsa: http://blogprophet.wordpres…

  15. is up early again. It didn’t snow much yet. Looking forward to another great (final) day in Tulsa. It has been a blessing so far. #isww

  16. Enjoyed a nice dinner w/ JD & Mags

  17. What? No chicken?!

  18. Mmmmmm…..KFC!

  19. belongs to JESUS!

  20. Tulsa is full of water & CoC folk-sooner or l8r, somebodys a gettin baptized

  21. Sacred gossip is still gossip-pat mead

  22. Poke that woman w/ a stick–mead

  23. Had lunch w/ morgans, dobbs, tuckers, pease, ogle

  24. Walling knocked it out of the park

  25. Got lost on the way but made it to hear atchley

  26. reported on Tulsa ISWW: http://blogprophet.wordpres… Great Day ahead of us! #ISWW

  27. Tulsa expecting snow Fri/Sat!

  28. “if Christianity is just your hobby, it’s a pretty lame hobby, take up golf.” Atchley

  29. is trying to avoid book sales

  30. JD is talking bout twitter

  31. John Dobbs is killing!

  32. Heard shank. Now john dobbs!

  33. is @ mem dr line 4 dinner

  34. is going to eat @ mem dr or garnett

  35. Hath arrived!

Tulsa Top Ten List for Trey

In honor of “Blogger of the Year” Trey Morgan, here are my top 10 moments, highlights, memories from Tulsa this year. I could probably do a top 25.

10. An especially heinous dinner at Ruby Tuesdays Saturday night (thank you, Andy).

9.  Jeff Walling’s lesson on Love being the foundation of Evangelism (I know, “duh”, but we all needed to hear it).

8.  Meeting Randall Adams and hearing of his plans in Italy.

7.  Meeting Jon Pease and Jamie Riley.  Two awesome brothers I am glad to know better.

6.  Patrick Mead’s humor/wit.

5.  Conversion stories/testimonies like those of Joe Almanza and Liz Pence.

4.  The Adventures In Missions program.  A young lady from where I grew up is on the Salt Lake City Team and there is a team going to Prato, Italy!!!  I did not know that!!

3.  SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

2.  The First Annual Blog Luncheon

1.  Maggy Dobbs’ laughter.

Day 3 Report–Tulsa ISSW

Yesterday was a blur…a white, wet, and fluffy blur technically.

I spent an hour in the morning talking with Randall Adams about his plans for Italy and got real excited. Check him out.

At 10AM, I heard a great testimony and a great lesson on suffering and Christ Crucified. Find out more HERE.

Snow had a teeny impact on the blog luncheon. We all got there late because of the blizzard and then the power was out. We had a candle-lit lunch. Steve Tucker tried to hold my hand. Brad Palmore of TheoBloggers did a great job under the circumstances and we had a nice lunch and a lot of fun.

It was fun.  Everyone was as nice and real as you  think they are.  Trey Morgan is as sincere and humble and good as you might think from reading his blog.  Patrick Mead is just as funny or more.  John and Maggie Dobbs are sweethearts (obviously with each other, but I meant to the rest of us).  Tucker is as down to earth as he claims.  I left some people out but I enjoyed spending time with all of them.  (I already knew Palmore, he is about the same)

treyjdtulsaTrey also did a great job talking at 4:00 pm about blogging.  He shared how his blog has allowed him to meet hurting people in his community.  Very inspiring and encouraging testimonies.

A few of us had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and laughed a lot.

I cried a few times this weekend.  Sometimes from the emotional videos shown, like the Iranian woman who was rejected by her family when she accepted Christ and is not allowed contact with her children.  I also cried from laughing numerous times, usually when Patrick Mead was talking, at the bloguncheon, and everytime someone said “heinous” at dinner on Saturday night.

What a week!  I hope to be there next year!  What about you?

My only regret is that I didn’t meet Rick Atchley.  I was hoping to tell him what a big fan Don Neyland is of him.

Day 2 Report–Tulsa ISWW

Day 2 of being a preacher groupie was awesome.  I was able to swipe a cloth that Jeff Walling used to wipe his brow and it healed my headache.  I will cherish it always.  I was able to shake the hand of Rick Atchley (and it didn’t even burn).  I was within 10 feet of Patrick Mead and felt something like a shiver go up my leg.

Anyway, on to the report.  None of that is true but I did enjoy hearing each of those brothers speak and was blessed by it.

The day began with Rick Atchley (after getting lost.  I made an extra, unnecessary turn and we didn’t notice for awhile).  He spoke on the Identity of being an Ambassador.  Here are some short highlights

  • Self-help is trying to fix what needs to be buried
  • We need re-creation, not rennovation
  • we are saved to be sent, not to sit
  • Ambassador is a citizen of one country living in another as a resident alien (Tim! go find this sermon at RHchurch.org, it might be a good resource for your book)
  • Ambassador is a representative of His/Her Ruler and People, who embodies the values of the home country 24/7.
  • Ambassador is a messenger of the Ruler who has sent him/her.

Jeff Walling was next.  He spoke on LIFE–Living Intentionally for Eternity.  He shared some great thoughts on Luke 16, that unusual parable of the shrewd manager that almost seems to promote lying, cheating, and stealing.  Here was the summary:

  • The Manager only had a little time
  • The Manager only had a little stuff
  • The Managaer, therefore, only had a little influence
  • Spiritual Application:  Use the little time, stuff/money, influence we have for the cause of Christ daily.

Patrick Mead is terribly hilarious.  But he also has some great stories of what God is doing in Michigan.  The most amazing for me was the outreach to skaters, who contacted the church after one friend ODed.  They offered their church building for a memorial service.  Prayed with and supported the skaters.  Some gave their lives to Christ over time and travel the world as skateboarders but take the Gospel with them. For example, they travelled to Nepal, where missionaries are not welcome, but they had open, public discussions about the Gospel with Buddhists.  It all happened because some from the church sat and watched, occasionally talked to and took pictures of some pot-smoking young people and showed them love and acceptance. He spoke a lot about “Jesus and the Nobodies.”  Their church tries extra hard to reach the really different in our society.

Then Walling preached on Love being the basis of Evangelism.  It is so obvious yet so lacking.  Here are some short bits:

  • Forget Evangelism until to you have love
  • Evangelism is not a debate
  • Instead of inviting a neighbor to church, do nice things for them for a period of time. Something loving.
  • Love cannot keep silent. 
  • Be brief.  Be personal.  Give all the Glory to God.
  • Having a Christ-focus in your evangelism gets you to baptism much better than having a Baptism-focus gets you to Christ.
  • Ask God, “Who do you want me to love today?”

The evening session was Joe Almanza, who is highly involved in prison ministry because he spent much time in prison.  His conversion story is a powerful example of God’s love, power, grace, etc.  He grew up in the Mexican Mafia.  Became a leader.  Lived the big life.  Got hooked on Heroin.  Was in and out of prison. Was shown love by some brethren and began changing his life.  Had an amazing encounter with a “taxi driver.”  And on and on.  I hope you can here the story someday. Order the CD if you want to be amazed and inspired.


Blogger Buddy Report

Many of us gathered at CiCi’s pizza buffet for lunch.  I met some guys from TX I didn’t know and got to visit some with John, Trey, John Pease, Tucker and his family and friends, and many AIM missionaries.

I got lost again on the way to lunch.  Tulsa is a great place to be lost.  It is full of Church of Christ brethren and was full of water.

After the evening session I went out for pie with John and Maggie Dobbs.  No one else came so I didn’t have to share them.  They are a great couple and I really enjoyed being with them. Oh, and we all ended up eating a meal.  The pork chops were great.

Day 1 Report–Tulsa ISWW

Good Morning. Not sleeping great this Friday morning at the Courtyard Marriot in Tulsa, so I decided to come down to the lobby early and report on yesterday’s action.

I heard Harold Shank first Thursday morning.  He spoke on How God Helps the Broken and mainly went through Isaiah 61.  It was fantastic. I hope he has sermons online.  I only know of him by name but have always wanted to hear him speak.

The second session was none other than John Dobbs.  He spoke about Blogging as an outreach tool.  He is on the second floor of the hotel and I am on the third floor.  He did a great job.  At that session I got to meet, hug, shake hands with numerous bloggers. Royce Ogle is really tall. I shook hands with  Bobby Valentine.  I sat between Brad Palmore and Taylor and Trey Morgan.  Steve Tucker was there and others.  John did a great job.  Had us rolling.

I then heard a brother named Josh, who works with a church plant in Memphis.  He was making a connection between prayer and action.  It was the second session that emphasized Jesus in the synagogue in Nazareth in Luke 4.  He was good.

Had lunch at McAlister’s.  I love McAlister’s and was thrilled to see one here.  I came with two friends: our prison minister and a former member who now lives in NC.  I had the McAlister’s Club and that great big cup of Sweet Tea.

After lunch, I heard Rick Atchley.  Whatever you think of his views, he is a great speaker and sticks to the Bible even if he comes to different conclusions than many.  He talked about our Identity in Christ and one of the first names for the church–“The Way.”  He was really emphasizing discipleship.  His lesson also connected well with Josh’s earlier in the day.  He talked about being a true disciple instead of being just a church goer.  He stated that we can be in the church but not be “in the way.”  He also make a play on words, about how being a Christian involves being in the way in the usual negative sense.  I don’t have my notes in front of me but here are a couple of highlights:

  • If Christianity is just your hobby, it’s a pretty lame hobby.  Take up golf or scrapbooking.
  • How would your life be different if you were not a Christian?
  • We have equated being a Christian with just being nice.
  • He showed a powerful video of an Iranian sister who gave up her family to follow Christ.
  • We think Jesus is kind but we don’t believe he is smart.  We don’t think he knows what it is like to live in USA today.  He then quote some teachings of Jesus such as: “Do not worry” “Don’t lay up treasures on earth” etc. The early church believed he was smart and lived radical lives.  We reject his teachings.

I ran into a few other old friends.  Played my favorite church of Christ game, “Who do you know?” and made lots of connections.

I have successfully avoided all the booths that are selling books and hope to make it til tomorrow then I might look a little.  I can’t wait for another day of Jeff Walling, Patrick Mead, Don McLaughlin and others. Yesterday was a great start. I also hope to eat at McAlister’s again.  Today lunch will be with some of our blogging friends and the Blogger Luncheon is tomorrow. 

There is also snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Crazy. Doing well, having a blast in the Lord. Wish you were here!